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Thread: Correct Tyr's keymapping / ability numbering please?

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    Correct Tyr's keymapping / ability numbering please?

    Don't play much Tyr at all, (i.e. mostly only when I get him in Assault) but every time I play him, it drives me a little bonkers that, as opposed to every other stance switcher in the game, instead of losing his ult and having his 4 be his stance switch, his stance switch is his 3, so I have to keep trying not to hit the wrong button every time I want to flip.

    To me, at least, this disconnect with every other stance switcher makes him feel very clunky / weird compared to all the others, so would love it if you could bring him into line with all the stance switchers and invert his 3 and 4. Since his current 4 won't be an ult anymore, just drop its damage a bit, its CD a whole heck of a lot, correspondingly, and if you want to add a stance flavor to it, (i.e. in blue, he gets something like bonus prots / heals on landing on a target, in red, extra damage / mini-bird bomb) probably makes sense.

    Just an (OCD-ish inspired) thought.

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    Tyr is perfectly alright. He's been in the game for such a long time that many players are easily used to him compared to other stance-switchers. Hell, making them like him would cause people to have the problem that you currently have; feeling clunky and whatnot.
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