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Thread: Matchmaking Division ?

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    Question Matchmaking Division ?

    Hello gents and ladies,

    Alright, the huge question mark over my head right now, is about the Matchmaking Division:

    The description makes it very obvious that your current actual rank has no impact on the matchmaking, so why in the world should I keep some ugly bronze mark on my forehead when i'm facing mostly silver/gold players ?
    I was unlucky enough to have some flashy/salty teammates giving up or surrendering as soon as things didn't go their way, and here I am... No hard feelings, time to work hard ! And earn those stripes.

    But wait..;
    Why do I have to struggle my way out of bronze, when i'm facing close to none *Bronze/Qualifiying players*... Shouldn't I face people of my own division to be able to show that i'm above that league and get out of there ASAP, doesn't that make more sense !?

    Finally getting out of bronze III, the suspense... silver ? Gold ? nope... Bronze I, Congratz ! ''>.>

    Am I wrong to think that the matchmaking division and the actual rank should be either extremely close or the same ?

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