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Thread: Dear Smite community

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    Dear Smite community

    First of all let me say. I want to love you. I really do. I mean I love the game. I respect Hirez as a company.But, when it comes to the community I love you too but... I also hate you. Wait. I can see you typing. You're already about to defend yourself. This random guy on the internet just says he hates you? How dare he?! Who does he think he is?! Just hear me out. That's all I ask. If at the end of this you decide you hate me too then fair enough. I will still thank you for listening.

    First of. A little about me. I was with Smite a long time. Since closed beta in fact. And the closed beta smite community was... well it was fun. Nobody took themselves too seriously. Egos were left at the door. We all had the same objective. Fun. Flaming was rare. Toxic behavior was rare. I could enjoy Smite even while interacting with its players. It was great! Then Smite was officially launched and of course with more numbers came more "less then polite" people. That's unavoidable. I get it. However it made my life in smite a little more difficult. See I'm not a pro. By any stretch of the imagination. I lose and die a lot. I make mistakes. I'm human. Let me repeat that. I. Am. Human. Look at me. I have a face. I breath. I digest food. I do all of that stuff. Why is this important? Cause it's easy to forget that behind those usernames are living breathing human beings.

    Anyway that aside lets get back on topic. Me. Or specifically the type of Smite player I am. See as mentioned I make mistakes. I get people killed sometimes. And I'm under no delusions. When there is ANY possibly of it being my fault I only blame myself. I don't go striagt to "jungle/mid/support is noob". I go. "My bad. I'll try not to suck so much." Thing is with the Smite community the way it is one mistake and am literally the worst person alive. Players seem so eager to find that one person. That one person who might be struggling a little bit and latch on to them. Never letting go. Hey remember that one time you could have done A, B and C? Remember? Yes I know it was 30 mins ago but do you remember?

    Yes. I remember. And yes I already feel like crap for letting the team down. I'm putting pressure on myself to perform well I don't need you to add to that. As much as I enjoy you spamming VER or VVGN every time I die. As much as I want you to repeat the same insult over and over and over again because it's the only one you know I would much rather not deal with that.

    Yes muting is an option but believe it or not this is a team based game. Games are one and lost when the team's ability to communicate and function as a unit are tested. I want to believe somewhere down the line you will make a valuable game changing call but do I have to sit through 30 plus minutes of you insulting my mother in order to get to that? Do you really think "[insert god name] is noob" and "report [insert god name]" for not playing very well but still trying their hardest is helping anything? At all? Cause I can tell you. It's not. Like I said. I feel like crap already. I don't need more crap.

    This is a serous problem for me. And while yes I realize jerks are in the minority they are they loudest. My question to you Smite community is why? Why do they have to be? Why 9/10 times when people are being toxic and generally bringing down moral are they not being correct by you? Now I'm not saying Hirez should ban everyone who said something mean to me. That's just dumb. What I'm saying is Smite Community please don't let toxic players represent you. I saw multiple posts of people not sticking around and wondering why. You want to know why? Cause new people get in and are met with game after game, after game filled with people being generally unpleasant.

    I hope going forward into the future we can change that. Season 5 in coming maybe now we can start turning to the people spreading toxicity and say "stop". You're not speaking for the whole team. Stop pretending like you are. This I want to emphasize even more if you queue with a friend. If they start being a jerk. Call them out. I could wright a whole post by istelf about toxic people who queue with "friends" who are basically "yes men" and just go along with whatever. treat your clan mate/friend like you would a stranger. Keep their tozic tendacies in check. Moving forward I just want the smite community to say #EnoughIsEnough.

    A Smite Noob

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    Quote Originally Posted by HooverOne View Post
    . My question to you Smite community is why? Why do they have to be? Why 9/10 times when people are being toxic and generally bringing down moral are they not being correct by you?
    If anything I blame it on Hi-rez, there are 'degrees' of mistakes one can make. If I get qued with bots 20 games in a row I'll obviously be kinda hostile towards my teammates after bad experience one after another. Now I understand people can make mistake, it's ok. But I usually get with people so bad, you can't say they did mistakes; they play so bad it's like not even humanly possible to do so they are straight up trolling. If they really are these bad; if that's what they truly are capable of then Hi-rez is trolling with this damn MM.

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    What I am about to say is my personal opinion. A few might agree with me, while many more might disagree with me. There is no easy way to put this.

    When you first started back in March 2013 as a Beta tester, everyone were new. Everyone were still trying to figure out a perfect build, testing meta, etc... People were more tolerant of mistakes then as everyone were new and constantly making mistakes. That's what new players do, they make mistakes. Now, fast forward to 2018, cum March this year, it will be your 6th year of playing SMITE, you are currently level 143, with almost 2000 hours of game play, those people who started with you as Beta tester, they are no longer new players, some probably have quit, while those who remained are probably very good players.

    In my opinion, it boils down to "Meeting Expectations". You have pointed out that you constantly make mistakes, after all you are only human. Thus, your Expectation of others are to be more considerate and tolerant of your mistakes, like when they did back in 2013 when everyone were new players and not rage/sling insults/be toxic as they frequently do now. The truth is we are not in 2013 when everyone is still new and you are no longer a new player, and rightly or wrongly, people's Expectation of you has evolved over the years and people Expect a level 143 player to play like a level 143 player, and not like a new player. What happens when your Expectation is not met? Naturally you get disappointed. Some people express their disappointment in the wrong way, raging/slinging insults/being toxic. I do not condone these actions.

    But I think its unrealistic to expect in Season 5, people's expectation of a high level player will suddenly change and be lowered. I doubt anyone of them will say the following: "Oh don't worry about it... its just your 7th mistake, we all make mistakes, we are just humans.... you still have 17 more levels before you reach lvl 160 (max), still plenty of time to learn... we only play Conquest for fun... it doesn't matter if we win or lose.... I don't mind playing a loosing match for 40 minutes... Group hug

    How does player level affect the matchmaking system?
    Player level is considered in all casual queues. The system heavily favors pairing players within similar level groups, but sometimes it will grab players from other level ranges if a good match cannot be found within an allotted amount of time. Since the system heavily favors pairing similar MMR and similar level, finding matches during low populations times can be difficult, and as such the restrictions are lowered if players have to wait in queue for an extended time.
    Even the MMR (Matchmaking system) has Expectations. If most other lvl 140+ players are Platinums, Diamonds, Masters or Grandmasters, you will probably be matched with or against them a lot of the time. Rightfully or wrongfully, the MMR expects a player of higher level to "carry" the team. When that Expectation is not met, the matchmaking will be unbalanced.

    So what can be done?
    It is my belief is that most people rage/be toxic, because there is a "reason to". Sadly I feel a lot of it has to do with SMITE's Matchmaking MMR. If the matchmaking was fairer and more balanced, I suspect people will be happier and less toxic.

    1. If the UNRANKED MMR were to match you based on your ELO PLUS (MMR equivalent) instead of your high player level. Then you will be match against and with players around your ELO PLUS (Conquest ELO PLUS 1359). If everyone in the match were around ELO PLUS 1300 -1400, people's expectation will be lowered, they will no longer see you as a high level player and the MMR will not expect you to carry the team.

    2. The MMR actually ignores player level when considering RANKED matches. It will be very unlikely that you will be matched with and against players from Platinum, Diamond, Masters and Grandmasters in RANKED matches. If there is enough players (due peak hours), you should be matched with and against other Bronze, Silver and possibly a few Gold players. Again, people should not be expecting much from you, a Bronze player.

    3. Time to get better. It is true as humans we make mistakes, but it's equally true humans have the ability to learn from their mistakes, hopefully not to repeat them and to progress and improve. Maybe 2018 will be the time, you could show us how much you have grown and improved. Analyze your matches. Ask why did your team lose or win? What can be done better as a team? What could you have done better? Read guides. Watch Twitter/Youtube. You probably have many friends from Beta who are Diamond Ranked and above, talk to them and learn from them and even better, party with them.

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    Exactly the same problem I have in Conquest, except if your mates dislike the god you choose, the fact you played bad, expect to get spam reported for "Intentional Feeding" or "Other" Keep doing Conquest or Ranked Conquest, like 1-2 games more after Good-Will hits 0 you get Auto Banned for nothing.

    I've played since beta too and see exactly the same thing Hi-Rez said in another post they were working on a new reporting system.

    Players are too toxic in smite to make the game worthh playing, a lot of toxic people don't realise that they are the ones tilting the game even when a player is doing badly, and don't look at what they can do themselves to help the tilt as a team, or game-play but instead just keep flamming / raging and let the game get extremely tilted.

    The only modes I play that doesn't have so much toxicity is Arena, sometimes Normal Conquest is okay.

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    I find making positive comments (with vgs, I'm a console player) is usually taken badly anyway...

    If a team mate dies protecting a tower until the rest of the team gets there instead of letting the tower be destroyed and it is saved because of that, and I say "you rock", that player well get.... Mad. There'll be a lot of "no!" "You rock" "cancel that" back at me, and the player may even start trolling afterwards.... And make no mistake, I didn't give them a "cancel that".

    Also, when I ask people why they build certain items that I myself would not have built, they take it very offensively. I don't pretend to know everything about smite, perhaps they had a great reason for building said item that I can learn from and improve my own game. Maybe I'll know an item that suits their reason better and can give them a suggestion for the next time they want something to fit X role. Regardless, such questions usually never get an answer or if there is a reply it is that they don't know why they bought it....

    I hate it when people say they don't know why they did something.... It makes me feel like they aren't paying attention. Like, sorry I was watching something funny on my phone while pressing random buttons so I didnt know what I was doing. That is what that kind of reply makes me think... (And I HAVE had people actually do that kind of thing, as they've admitted to it before...) Like, I don't care if your reasoning wasn't that great, but I'd like an honest answer as to why you chose to do this or buy that. It helps me out in figuring how best to play with the person, what advice I might be able to give to help us work together and also perhaps learn a thing or two on how to improve my own game.

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    Because we are human my friend. And humans fight over the dumbest things imaginable.

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