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Thread: Can't win a game. Should I just quit?

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    Originally Posted by FAQ
    How does player level affect the matchmaking system?
    Player level is considered in all casual queues. The system heavily favors pairing players within similar level groups, but sometimes it will grab players from other level ranges if a good match cannot be found within an allotted amount of time. Since the system heavily favors pairing similar MMR and similar level, finding matches during low populations times can be difficult, and as such the restrictions are lowered if players have to wait in queue for an extended time.
    also this is completely not true. My account level is 47, go look at my I am the lowest account level BY FAR in at least 75% of my games, regardless of what team I am on. I will almost always have at least on 100+ opponent, if not facing a premade group of them. The server I'm playing on, by the way, is NORTH AMERICA. I'm from Canada. Are you saying the player population is so low that it can't make good matches on what I am assuming is the most popular server in the game? So when I joke that NOBODY plays this game, I'm not kidding? I mean honestly I can see why - you're saying I'll need to put in serious hours just to have a hope of winning more than 1/10 games again, and I've only been playing for a few months. Like 90% of people, I don't have the energy for that. Seems to me like Smite is in a bit of a death spiral if what your'e saying is really true, no way they're going to be able to attract new players to a game like this.

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    Honestly playing without a team is your main problem. You aren't just getting matched against high level players, you are getting paired with higher level players on your team as well.

    First it puts your team together, then it tries to find an 'acceptable' team to battle against. If your own team has higher level players you are much more likely to be against higher level players.

    Whereas if you made a premade team with other lower level players, you'll much more likely be against lower level players.

    In joust you'll usually want at least a team of 2(but joust doesn't matter too much) and everywhere else you'll want a team of 3.

    Also, watcher's gift is great to help supports make gold but try not to get it in joust. You get a lot of gold over time in that mode, so watcher's gift really loses its appeal.

    Also, you weren't being told Elo doesn't matter. It just isn't the only factor for versus games. It has a lot more of an affect in ranked games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occmsrazr4 View Post
    So basically you're saying...
    what he said is that the xbox doesn't have enough players and it does whatever it needs to do to put the few players it has into any sort of game that might sort of work.

    if it had more players it would discriminate more... but the game is hard to play on consoles due to controllers being a dumb way to play any sort of multiplayer/action/fps type of game, so its not as popular or exciting (to play or watch) on a console.

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