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Thread: Aphro's Ult

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    Aphro's Ult

    Aphro's Ult is unable to fully escape from Ares Ult. However, it sometimes work when she ults it far away. Why can't her Ult release Ares' Ult instantaneously? I'm guessing perhaps her Ult is not long enough (time wise).

    Aphro's Ult is unable to fully escape from Hade's Ult if she's deep inside the void. The only time her Ult works on this is if she is level 20 where her Ult is 2 secs.

    Aphro's Ult will not proc on Poseidon's Ult, it seems she gets frozen. Now I understand that Poseidon's Ult stuns and freezes, but isn't the purpose of Aphro's Ult is to be used to remove all cc effects?!

    However, Aphro's Ult is able to escape from Daji and Fenrir's Ult, and all other Ults w/o issues.

    Please look into this because how can she effectively use her ult with these gods when her ult will be utterly useless on them.
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    Hi there. To your point about Ares's ult, his ult only pulls and does damage at one time, which is 2.5s after someone is caught with the chains. If you use Aphro ult at around the 2s mark after you have been chained, you will immune the pull and the damage. For Hades, that is just a matter of positioning. Her ult immunes the damage and cc from Hades ult, but only for the duration of her ult, so if you're stuck deep in a Hades ult, you might just be stuck there. As far as Poseidon goes, I believe it is the case every time you're in the air (sobek pluck, poseidon ult, etc.) that you're unable to ult as Aphro. Da Ji's ult is different in that any CC removal or immunity break the chain, regardless of the timing, which makes it not the same as something like Ares ult. Fenrir's ult will grab you, but you are able to immune and break the cc with Aphro like normal.

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