Alright - this is becoming far too common of a trend.

I've been playing this game for nearly half a decade, and this happens nearly every major patch. I've spoken to other players about this, and just now, quite a few people got dc'd from our games, I was able to reconnect to Smite just fine, after getting booted to the home page, whilst a match was in progress. Then - after the game ends, and after three attempts of restarting the client to reconnect the game to no avail, instead, I get booted to the home page, then I get penalized with thirty minute deserter for an issue on your guys' end.

Small rant inc.

Seriously - this is obnoxious. This has happened more times than I can count, and after identifying that the issue is server side, and not client side; after getting penalized for an issue that is not on my behalf, is getting ridiculous. I understand why the system is in place, and it makes sense. However, if any Hi Rez staff are reading this, please, do me and everyone else a favor. STOP PUSHING OUT PATCHES THAT ARE NOT READY FOR LIVE, WE DO NOT WANT OUR GAME EXPERIENCE TO BE HINDERED AT THE COST OF A NEW GOD, SKINS AND BALANCE CHANGES. I've noticed this trend become dramatically more common after the introduction of the Easy Anti-Cheat client, this should not be a reoccurring issue. This is what PTS is for, making sure that everything about the upcoming patch is stable for live client. I'd rather see a patch launch two weeks, to a month from the time it's announced, in opposition to a week or so after the fact.

I apologize about the rant, but this has gone from a minor annoyance to genuine frustration. If I log in to Smite, I want to play the game with minimal issues. Obviously, I understand that you cannot prevent everything, because coding, programming, and managing a game is a slippery slope of issues, fix one issue, create two more; but - my qualm with the game, is that these issues are not minor. I, nor any other player, should be punished for a server side problem.