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Thread: 4 New Players Need Help

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    4 New Players Need Help

    As the title says above there's 4 of us that decided to start playing Smite. Main reason we use to play paragon but it's gone awful. Also I know these two games are mobas but completely different types.

    What I'm looking for is afew links for new up to date starter videos. Good ones cause I've no idea what's good advice and bad in this game.

    Any other starter tips would be nice. Advice on playable characters etc....

    Thank you

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    Start with finding a god you enjoy playing; I recommend going into Training, then Jungle Practice, and messing around with different gods, see which ones you enjoy, then - when you have the favor or purchase the god pack (do not use gems to purchase gods), buy it. As for videos, check this video out. This video is by a Professional Player, although slightly outdated, not all of the newer gods are on here, it's worth checking out, and provides a lot of accurate information.

    I suggest start by playing Arena with your friends, it teaches you 5v5 Team Fighting, it's a constant death match. Don't touch Conquest for a little while, it's a huge step up from game modes, play the game modes in this order; Arena, Assault (5v5, random gods, single lane, allows you to learn different gods. I suggest playing each god at least a handful of times to understand how they work), Joust (3v3), Clash (5v5, two lanes, one "jungle" boss, five objectives), then Conquest (5v5, 3 lanes, 2 jungles, one for each side, two jungle bosses, 10 objectives for each team). Conquest will be undergoing a huge overhaul of changes in the very near future, so I do not recommend playing such until those changes go live, when they do, play against bots. There is a lot to learn about Conquest, learn the lanes, the buffs, where everything is, Fire Giant, Gold Fury, Portal Demon, Oracles, etc. So playing against bots, especially if you're uncomfortable against other players, is not a bad start. If you guys want some help, send me a direct message, and I'll be more than happy to help you guys learn.
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    As Beviah mentioned, start with arena and play with your friends. It’ll make it more fun. Stick with the option that will automatically buy items for you until you understand them more and can choose which ones you want. As for gods... find your favorite class first, then go from there. Play arena a bunch with the gods from the class and find out which ones you like the most. After that, you pretty much figure out everything on your own. Conquest should be the last gamemode you try out, so I’d recommend the other game modes first. Joust, Clash, and Assault are my three personal favorites.

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