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Thread: Thor god and others disappearing

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    Thor god and others disappearing

    I'm not sure if this is tech-related but I'm pretty sure because sounds too complex and weird to be a bug. Recently, a friend came to me saying they bought Thor and other gods a year ago, hadn't been on smite since until now and saw they were gone. Missing. Even had skins. He's submitted a support ticket. But I'm hoping someone here can tell me what happened and if there are others...

    I've posted this in tech support, nearly fifty people have seen it but so far none have replied. Thought I'd get better luck here.
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    The game doesn't really have that many players so the forums move slowly too. And it's likely that your friend has A: bad memory or B: bad memory or C: bad memory. Either he didn't actually buy the gods/skins and was just renting with temporary skins (like from the level up rewards) or he has them on a different account or possibly on console. But the most likely thing if your "friend" isn't braindead is that he simply never bought the gods/skins and as I suggested was renting the gods or got them 7 days from level up along with a skin for them 7 days.

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