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Thread: Ranked queues above 2 players.

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    Ranked queues above 2 players.

    Hi, I understand currently you may only queue ranked with 2 players and no more, I expect this is to stop unbalanced queues where 3 or 4 man queues have jurisdiction whether to F6 or F7 leaving the solo/duo queue players unable to do anything. Or this maybe for other reasons like the elo system etc, anyways here are my thoughts on this.

    Although this is the case, why not allow for 5 man queues?

    As long as 5 man queues are being put up against other 5 man queues, I don't see a problem with this, since 5 man queues will have voice communications I understand the issue with 5 man stacks against 1-4 man stack queued players, but with 5vs5 where 90% of the time the 5 players will have voice comms, I feel this should be allowed.

    I would actually play ranked if it wasn't only duo queues, allowing for 5 man queues allows me and friends to actually play ranked all together.

    Just my thoughts on it, (try not to reply with upstuck comments or trying to prove to me why it shouldn't be a thing), this was just a thought and i'm putting it out for discussion, nothing more.

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    or trying to prove to me why it shouldn't be a thing
    this was just a thought and i'm putting it out for discussion, nothing more.
    If somebody putting idea for discussion and then he say that ppl shouldnt argue why this is bad idea, I feel like Im on reddit.

    The 5-man queue mode was before for casual Conquest and was deleted for a reasons:

    1) It probably wasnt popular at all so you and your friends would be waiting huge amount of time for single game.
    2) Matchmaking there was a total mess because of how huge was skill gap between players on one team. This reason is even more important on ranked.
    3) If part of standard ranked players will start playing 5-man queue ranked then standard ranked will be even worse than it is now cause of lower playerbase.
    This feeling when your team is far behind and you have no prospects for late game but for some reason players still doesnt want to surrender - MOBA Cancer.

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