Hey everyone!
I'm back again with another skin concept starring the big man himself,
Unfortunately, I do not have a picture for this one, so I'm going to attempt to help you understand by visualizing it.

So far, Athena and Anubis are the only other two that have "police-related" skins. I'm not sure if Hirez was planning on continuing the idea, but I wanted to share this idea with the community!

So here are the skill ideas:

Skill #1: Chug : Bacchus chugs a mug of coffee. Or is it?
Skill #2: Belly Flop : Bacchus jumps on enemies, knocking them into the air while saying, "Where do you think you're goin'?"
Skill #3: Belch of the Gods : Bacchus lets out a nasty coffee burp then says, "Pardon me..."
Skill #4: Intoxicate : Bacchus slams his mug of coffee onto enemies then says, "Put your hands up where I can see em'!

As for the skin, he could wear a classic Sheriff costume and in one of his hands he has a coffee mug that could say, "Smite Police Force" and in the other hand, he can be holding a cake pop or a doughnut on a stick? I don't know lol.

As you can probably tell, these ideas are not official and I would appreciate if you could send me some feedback on your suggestions of the skin. Maybe it's too much, maybe it's not enough? Let me know!