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Thread: Smite is constantly having micro-skip issues

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    Exclamation Smite is constantly having micro-skip issues

    I'm coming here to open a discussion about what I've been experiencing, some of my mates too and sometimes people in the games with / against me. It's a recent issue (3 months or a bit more) for me AND my friends from teamspeak too and it's really handicapping me in all my games.

    When I play Smite, several times each minute there is a micro-skip (lag) that doesn't last for more than half a second, but I get teleported a few feet in the direction I was heading, or spells don't trigger, or whatever happens during this chunck of time, and then everything seems to speed up for a quarter of a second and then everything goes back to normal.

    Is it lag ? Is it a video issue ? Is it a game issue ?

    The thing is : I have a good connection, a good result in ping test, no packets loss, 30 ms ping on my connection and around 50 ping in the game and this is CONSTANT. I had occurences of lags on another Internet connection, but the ping number in the game went up and down. In my case, there is nothing like it.

    The FPS number stays the same, the ping number stays the same, but I still do have the cuts.

    What I already have tried :

    Repair the game Change my network card (yes, really) Reboot my pc Restart my router Play via Ethernet cable

    Do anyone have the same problem ? Can anyone help ? Is it a known problem ? Do I have to configure my connection in a certain way that would help me get rid of these annoying skips ?

    My computer details:

    Intel Core i5-6400 (6th Generation)
    Processor Base Frequency: 2.7GHz

    8GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Fury 2133MHz RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB GDDR5


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    Angry No Hirez only Lowrez (Hirez=Lowrez)

    I have the same issues
    This service from Lowrez is so poor they don't should even be a company anymore.
    What kind of people would fund what I have seen from beta all the way til now I have no Idea the gameplay is good the game being played with this constant break in the fabric of time is trash.

    Lowrez gives poor servers, long updates, extra-high prices, bug over bugs over bugs to the point were maby legal action should be sought because the way Lowrez treats this game is criminal.

    There is almost no difference in talking to Hirez support and calling an Indonesian from versizon wireless support.

    There is no SUPPORT its just Indians and robbers.

    I have LAG in no online games... not deadbydaylight,ESO,BlackDesert,Archeage,CallofDuty ,Starcraft2,Legeaueoflegends, and/or any other only in this game would these criminals called Hirez = (Lowrez)
    This shet is so far from what it use to be in terms of playability.

    Game is unplayable with this lag for months and months and months and its only this one ever since 64 bit crap and maby just before.

    The company must have sold off!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!

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    Ignoring this raging George person here...

    This is the same issue I seem to have, along with a few others, here:

    You too have an Intel processor, though you're the first one I've seen with i3 and not an i5. We all have GTX though.

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