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Thread: God Suggestion: "Pegasus"

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    Pegasus sounds like another awesome candidate for a disappointing voice pack.
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    I'm not a particular fan of introducing a Pegasus as a playable deity. They aren't that notable of creatures within mythological lore. If anything, they'd be best off using it as a jungle camp buff, but that's realistically the most I can see out of them. The concept of a God riding another (outside of the obvious "art" that would promote), creates a lot of ambiguity, In combination of technical problems. Will the God mounted on Pegasus be immune to damage? How will we be able to hit the God mounted on Pegasus? Why should a God be able to banish themselves, rendering them complete immunity to damage, in conjunction with giving one of their teammates a get out of jail free card with minimal response, whilst having an apparent large window to do so, as a frontliner? Things like this are worth thinking about. I favor more a demi-god archetype such as Achilles or Perseus as a viable, more realistic choice. Every God that's been added to this game has an easy way of identifying and distinguishing themselves from the crowd. Fenrir is one of the only exceptions that is on some level, questionable, but - there are still noticeable differences. If Hi Rez really wanted to add a Pegsasus, I'm sure they'd find a way, but as it stands, I'm not in favor of adding a deity that has no way of distinguishing themselves on an aesthetical point of view. After reading both kits, the only thing unique that the God would bring to the table is the ability to mount it. Which, doesn't have a lot of value in a competitive setting. Especially when we have something similar such as Nox dash, and to me, only sounds clunky, filled with bugs, alongside unfun to play with or against. My opinion, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VlentisFlyheightis View Post

    We need warriors darn it. Were's Perseus or Achiles when we need them.
    How about Odysseus (Ulysses in Roman)?
    Technically not a "God", per say, but definitely an iconic mythological character.

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