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Thread: FeverClan [FEV3R] Looking for members Both NA & EU

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    FeverClan [F3VER] Looking for members Both NA & EU

    FeverClan (FC)

    The SMITE division is recruiting members for both casual and competitive
    Our goal is to have fun playing SMITE with others in a family friendly setting. We refrain from discrimination and Abusive language (swearing/cursing,Racism)

    ALL levels and play styles are welcome!

    Members are expected to be on Discord whenever they're playing SMITE with a group.
    (This is optional but ensures that there is almost always someone online to play with.)

    (Real life issues always have priority.)
    (Competitive teams have their private Discord Channel for their members.)

    Our Smite in-game clan is open to all members to join search "F3VER"


    FeverClan is a 10 year old mature massive multi-gaming clan. With over 1500+ active members, FeverClan is a one of the largest multi-gaming clans in existence. Our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our members and guests whether they decide to join us or not. We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such hold our members to a higher standard. We do this because we want everyone’s time at Fever to be above the rest and so we remain a top notch community.
    These Units are guided by a military styled "Chain of Command" for organising internal events and tournaments.

    - Must be 15+ of age. Younger age on specific circumstances.
    If you are younger we advise you to hang around in out discord and go from there
    - Must have a microphone for interview stage
    -Follow the Rules
    (No: Racism, discrimination, harassment, Cheating

    - Join as a Private and earn promotions up to SMA as a regular member.
    - Access to Coaching, Guides, Game Nights and When holding Tournaments have a chance to Gems
    - Earn Awards, FeverCoins to buy games on our marketplace through your actions in game or for the community
    - Help out the community even more and become an Officer, and get promoted beyond SMA.
    - Get feedback on how to play better and have fun doing it.


    You don't have to be great to join us,
    But joining us would be great!
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    Just a heads up your clan is F3VER

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