NEW GOD - Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld

Passive – Spirit of Death
Any time an Enemy God within 40 of Cerberus is healed, Cerberus receives 40% of the heal, and the Enemy’s heal is reduced by 20%.

Paralyzing Spit
Cerberus’s snake tail spits venom that passes through and damages Enemies. If Cerberus’s dog heads are Alert, they then also spit venom when the ability is fired. Each head is alerted upon hitting an Enemy with a Basic Attack, and all are alerted after Ghastly Breath. Each projectile that hits the same target deals 20% less damage, but hitting an Enemy with all 4 Stuns them.

Ghastly Breath
Each of Cerberus’s 3 heads releases a cone of noxious breath in front of them, damaging all enemies in range 7 times over 2.4s and reducing their Protections up to three times. Enemies in the center of his breath are also Slowed up to three times. This attack immediately puts all three of Cerberus’s heads on Alert for Paralyzing Spit.

Soul Expulsion
Cerberus leaps a short distance forward, dealing damage on impact and severing the souls of Enemies. These souls will not block Cerberus’s attacks, and killing the souls heals Cerberus.

Stygian Torment
Cerberus’s haunting wail summons below him the souls of the damned, which then lift all Enemy Gods into the air while stretching the link between their bodies and souls, Damaging them. A short time later, Cerberus uses this link to pull the Enemies to him.

New God Skins

Hellwatch Cerberus

Sweet Tooth Sol

Brimstone Demon Thor

Brimstone Beast Camazotz

Grove Keeper Xing Tian

Fire Giant Bundle
  • Included Skins
    - Brimstone Demon Thor
    - Brimstone Beast Camazotz
  • Also Includes
    - Ragnarok Loading Frame
    - Ragnarok Recall Skin
  • AND
    -1 Molten Key (used to unlock Awesome Chest)

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