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Thread: mid main looking for Team (EU)

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    mid main looking for Team (EU)

    ]Hi everyone, I've been casualy playing this game since beta release, and now I would like to step up to another level. I love playing mid in conquest, I am in gold 3 now, but with a little practice and constructive criticism from team players and a coach I would improve massively.
    I am naturaly competitive, good listener, always looking to get better at my craft, a team player, risk taker, strategos, very confident, sociable, reliable.
    I have at least 5 different gods that I could play in mid. I am fairly new to ranked scene and conquest, I have between 1k and 2k conquest games, but I also play all other game modes.
    I am working at the moment, mornings only, I could be available for scrims and games from 5 pm GMT for about 6 - 7 hours Monday to Friday and if it is necessary in weekends as well.
    I have Discord also.
    My level of English language is average or above average.

    My IGN : Blissfi3nd

    Thank you, good day
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