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Thread: Baba Yaga,The Witch of the Wilds

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    Baba Yaga,The Witch of the Wilds

    Baba Yaga, The Witch of the Wilds

    Yes I drew that and yes it doesn´t look that good but I hope it gives you an Idea what I imagined her visually

    Pantheon: Slavic
    Class: Mage

    Health: 380(+68)
    Mana: 240(+27)
    Movement: 365
    Attackspeed: 0,95 +(1.95%)
    Attack: 32(+1.3)
    Protection: P14 (+2.8) M30 (+0.2)

    Passive. Crawling Influence

    Baba Yagas presence on the Battleground corrupts it, transforming it into her domain. When she kills something she creates corruption which spreads in a circle around the place of the killing. This has a 60 second cooldown. Enemies inside her corruption have obscured vision and gain debuffs based on the stance shes in. In Horror Stance Enemies inside have decreased vision and movement. In Terror Stance They take extra damage and are visible on the map. Corruption stays forever in the jungle but despawns after 3mins on lane

    Circle: 50ft(radius) +1ft per level
    Vision decrease: 50%
    Movement decrease: 5%
    Extradamage: 5%
    Visuals: Baba Yagas corruption makes everything look snow covered with shadows hushing by. Theres also Snowfall and the jungle mist is turned black. On the floor you can see more rocks and moss. Wall elements will be decorated by animal skulls and scrawny trees.

    1. Paranoia
    Passive: Hallucinations randomly spawn in the corruption ,attacking enemies. In Horror stance the Hallucinations fear the enemy briefly upon attacking. In Terror stance Hallucinations deal a very low amount of damage

    Active: Baba Yaga throws a token of magic that fears enemies briefly and distorts their vision In Horror stance and she Stuns enemies in front of her in Terror stance

    While she does that she orders her acolytes to attack those who stand in her corruption. Acolytes are stronger versions of Hallucinations. Terror Acolytes attack multiple times and deal more damage and Horror Acolytes Fear longer and heal Baba Yaga for each enemy feared.

    Damage: 20/30/35/40/45 (+5%) Hallucination (x2 for Acolytes)
    Damage: 50/80/110/140/170(+20%)
    Fear: 0.1/0.1/0.2/0.2/0.3 (x2 for Acolytes)
    Heal: 10/20/30/40/50 per Acolyte hit
    Visiondistort: 2s
    Acolyte duration: 3s
    Acolyte Attackspeed: 1per second
    Accolyte Number per Enemy player: 1/1/1/1/2
    Fear(Small Circle):0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1s
    Cooldown: 15s
    Mana: 80
    -Visuals: Hallucinations can have the form of Wolfs ,Buff monsters and Baba Yaga herself and are made out of black smoke with glowing eyes, while acolytes are a more materialised version of the Hallucinations. The Vision distort is a nausea kind of effect with black smoke all over the screen

    2. Fear/Agony

    Baba Yaga switches between her stances. When switching from Terror into Horror Allies around her are stealthed. When switching from horror into Terror she pulls enemies in a circle around her towards her and ignites them. In Terror form her auto attacks slow the enemy and in Horror stance she has 15% increased movement speed and is invisible to wards but deals 20% less damage(not sentries)
    Ignite Damage: 10/20/30/40/50(+20% of Magical power) every 0.5s for 1.5s
    Stealth: 3s
    Slow: 10%
    Cooldown: 18s
    Mana: 100

    -Visuals: In Horror stance the eyes of her skull glow and she is shrouded in shadow
    In Terror Shes brightened up and blood drools from her claws and skull

    3. Curse of Bones
    Baba Yaga will get into a prowling position reducing her movement speed but also reducing her visibility. She can reactivate Curse of Bones to either pounce forward(jump) in Terror stance or lunge forward(Dash) in horror stance. When she hits a god they will be banished while also getting dealt damage. Baba yaga cant move while the enemy is damaged but will be healed by a portion of the damage dealt. You can activate Paranoia while prowling and acolytes will mimic your lunge or pounce when you do so. Hitting an enemy god will curse them. A cursed target will suffer both penalties from her passive and take more damage from Baba Yaga. The Target will stay cursed until she hits another God with this ability

    Banish: 2s
    Reduced Movement and Visibility: 30%/40%/50%/55%/60%
    Damage(Banished: last tick): 80/120/160/180/200(+50%)
    Damage: 40/50/60/70/80(+40%) every second
    Heal: 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
    Acolyte: 10/12/14/16/20% of the Damage of Baba Yaga
    Slow: 10/15/20/25/30%
    Cooldown: 16s
    -Visuals: In horror stance Baba Yaga will stick her clawed hand into the body of her victim. The victim is circled by sharp bones and shadow . In terror she will leap on top of her enemies furiously maiming them with her claws. On the final tick she will take a bite.

    4.The Wild Hunt

    Baba Yaga marks all enemies currently inside of corruption and starts channeling for 2.6s
    . After the warm up she summons her chickenlegged house and mounts it. The House will now jump into the sky landing one after one at the previously marked enemies locations. The House will chase the enemy for 3s and Baba Yaga has to aim a small circle skill shot at the enemy. If the skill shot hits the enemy takes damage. After having hit or missed the skill shot the house will jump to the next marked enemy. After all marked enemies have been attacked she returns to the casting location. Her cursed target gains double damage from this ability and the damage is true damage. The cursed enemy will be always marked and assaulted first.

    Damage: 120/160/200/240/280(+50%)
    Fear: 0.2s every 1s
    Skillshot size : 5ft Radius circle( Very Tiny)
    Skillshot delay: 0.5s
    Cooldown: 90s
    Mana: 100


    Baba Yaga is a Supportive Jungler who's main capability is to controll the jungle via her corruption which also protects her from her camps getting stolen away by the enemy jungler. Her Terror stance is the Damage dealing stance that is made to assault the enemy team and secure kills while her horror stance is a bit more like a guardian CCing the enemies and healing herself. Her first ability Paranoia gives her the jungle controll while also being useful in ganks. The magical token is an excellent way of protecting your teammates as it has a small fear as hard CC and after that the vision is distorted giving you a a 2-3 second time window of retreating or regrouping while her Ignite allows for some decent ganks.
    She can theoretically use her acolytes for ganks but then she has to spread corruption on lane which only last 3 minutes giving the opponent a signal that she wants to gank that lane. Her acolytes spawn on jungle camps but only if they have been attacked allowing for decent jungle clear. Her stance switch "Fear/Agony" is also powerful as you can stealth multiple gods with it to engage and once you're in combat you can use you're one to fear them into your direction followed by your 3. and when the cooldown of your 2 is up again you can pull them back to you while also having another 1 and 3 at your dispossal. Her 3 is her main source of Damage and sustain while also being decent at clearing jungle camps. You can use this ability to initiate ganks in the early game as the 2 second banish will give allies time to catch up to your position to further damage the ganked enemy. Keep in mind that this ability is way harder to hit in terror stance but allows for high distance jumps and wave clear in the early game if you hit the god in the minnion wave or the minions themselves. The curse damage bonus is usefull to have if you going in for a gank. I forgot to mention that the range of both dash and jump can increase from 35 up to 80 but to reach 80 you have to stay in prowl 6s. Her ultimate is a very skilly version of Nu wa's as its targeter is about as big as ramas and has a delay to it. But her Ult can deal a massive amounts of damage in Lategame to her cursed target. If you have around 700 power the ability will deal 620 damage times 2 on the target +25% will deal around 1400 damage.Otherwise its mainly used for securing kills or disrupting a teamfight. al her abilities can be swapped around for combos allowing for great fund and also a High Skillcap and being even harder to master.

    Thanks for reading this wall of text and leave some feedback.

    If been working on this concept for about a year now and with the slavic pantheon coming I thought I finally post it
    Im 15
    Im German
    and I love creating God Concepts:
    Heres my Hub:

    Palodios ~ Tom

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    The corruption area sound interesting, but the "stays forever in the jungle" and its extremely large size (50-70ft) seems too much as it adds up. Besides that, it would also be too much if the possibility exist that the entire lane would covered if a minion is killed.

    For her 1 and ult, I think the dependence of the corruption makes it a bit too difficult to play around it. After all, the placement is not decided by the player, and letting her cover large areas of the map with it is not an ideal situation for anyone.

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