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Thread: Da Ji - The pubstomp queen

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    Da Ji - The pubstomp queen

    So I've recently taken a few months break from smite, as I wasn't finding myself having fun with the terrible state that I believe the game has been in for the majority of this season - especially conquest. Not only this, but I found myself feeling frustrated with the stupidly bloated kits that we seemed to keep seeing being added to the game, each and every god basically having to be the absolute best at their role.

    I've recently come back, mainly just due to the anticipation of season 5 in the hopes that it will save the game, (and to be honest I've barely even touched conquest, so perhaps my opinion on this subject is irrelevant). But seriously... fuck Da Ji.

    I was never a fan of Daji's kit from the get-go. She has always been very boring, uninspired and just very pub-stompy in nature. Her kit, and this has been my biggest complaint about a lot of the god kits that we've seen recently, is more of just a vomit of random ideas piled into one, rather than one overall, conceptualised idea. No ability interacts off of one another, except her lame ass passive I guess. She doesn't have to do this in order to secure or achieve this. Like idk her kit just doesn't flow well, but this is probably just my opinion and not what this post is focused on... I digress.

    The biggest problem are the buffs she has been seeing that have just completely removed any element of skill that her kit required. Her stim now gives her permanent haste until she lands that auto - so now there is literally no avoiding this attack, because she can just fucking stick to you with no repercussions for missing that auto attack. Because a character with a 40% movement speed ability that's immune to slows and a fucking non-stunning loki ult apparently wasn't frustrating enough to get away from?

    And then there's the fucking travesty that is her ultimate. Like what the actual fuck were they thinking? Firstly the reduction in cast time means that now, you literally cannot juke this ability. Any decent daji player can land the shots every time without fail. So let's make the ONLY skillshot within this character's kit now unmissable like the rest of her braindead kit. What is Hirez's problem with feeling like they need to make every character easier to play if they are under-performing? What are we going to see next... Sylvanus' pull auto lock? Make spirit ball the size & speed of Nox's ult? Make kukulkan ult global? (I get that neither Sylvanus or Isis are underperforming but you get my point) Seriously though this ability is essentially just an ares ult on an assassin, it should be fucking hard to hit for a reason - I mean it's not like it gives you, idk, 3 fucking tries to land the chains.

    And yet surprisingly this isn't even the biggest problem with the changes to her ultimate. It's that fucking ult cancel. This is undoubtedly the most ridiculous thing added to the game, and the fact that hirez haven't even thought to adjust it prove their incompetence. Feeling like you can play semi-aggressive because you have both your beads and cc-immune ult up? Or are you way in the backline? Well fuck you either way because daji can just blink/teleport in and instantly cancel her ult dragging you in before you can even understand what the fuck is going on. I mean seriously, you need to have cat-like reflexes in order to immune yourself from this, which 99% of casual players DON'T HAVE. Like this logic that all of this will make her easier to play on a casual level is just delusional because all they've done is make her extremely difficult for most casual players to deal with.

    Gameplay facing against this character is just a huge compilation of "I literally cannot do anything against this... I'm just going to die". There's no decision making against her as with most of her abilities there's just simply no counter or enough room to outplay her. Before people comment trying to justify Daji's kit, I realise she's by no means the strongest assassin within the game - nor do I need you explaining or giving tips on how to counter her. That isn't my point. There is simply no denying that she is the most pubstomp-heavy character within the game right now, and it's just disappointing to see hirez think that a kit like this is bringing any form of positivity towards the game.

    Lmao rant over. I'm intrigued to see what the more-experienced players within the game have to say about her. But for now I need to de-stress after getting myself worked up over this bitch and drink some jasmine tea

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    Her CC is ass outside of her ult, and if she has no nearby allies, she can't get away from you. You have to play on this if you want to counter her.
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    They buffed her because she wasn't seeing any play in higher level (if she was, she was suffering abysmal winrates and performance) because her gameplay was jagged to say the least.
    She's one of the easiest to counter by doing what you do to all assassins: cc and focus

    I've seen a lot more bad Da Ji's than I have good ones, so she isn't really pub stomping.
    Good Da ji's know how to keep her weaknesses down, when to go in, etc. Coz most of the time that you engage, you need to ensure you get that kill. Otherwise you are straight fcked.

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