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Thread: Odyssey 2018 Feedback

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    Odyssey 2018 Feedback

    1. I do like some of the new skins. It's good to know that some of the skin ideas came from the community, including their voice lines.

    2. Odyssey 2018 Chest has almost 500 items in it. I am so sick of getting Avatars and Ward Skins, how many Avatars and Ward Skins does one really need? Many of the items has absolutely nothing to do with Odyssey 2018, old stuffs.

    3. Odyssey 2018 Video The Fall of the War Chapter 1: 159,332 views, 3k thumbs up.
    Odyssey 2018 Video The Fall of the War Chapter 8: 51,273 views, 1k thumbs up.

    I am sure some ppl do appreciate the videos, but there is a sharp decline between Chapter 1 and 8, almost 70% drop in views and thumbs up? I could not really follow the story line. It seems to be like "name dropping", Athena is the sister of Ares, Zeus is their father who was murdered, Loki, Anubis, Ra, He Bo is River God, Chaac tried to split the clouds to make it rain, Ragnarok, Olympus, Asgard... it's a bit confusing to me. Not a very creative story line.

    - How did Ares ended up in Japan/China persuing Anubis? Isn't Anubis in Egypt? Couldn't he get to Egypt from Greece, much easier...Maybe take a look at Smite Fanfictions for some creative/interesting story lines.

    4. I don't understand about the Pantheon Quests. Example: Celtic/Greek Pantheon Quests? Why do they need to share the Quests? If you follow the Video, in Chapter 8, there is no mention of any Celtic Gods/Pantheon. Maybe don't call them Pantheon Quests, especially to those who doesn't follow the videos, it's even more weird you have to play as Anubis in the Japanese Quests (for those who watch the video, maybe they can relate, but not everyone watches the videos)

    5. Why not have a world map like in the video showing the journey of Ares (Odyssey). Each location represents a Quest.

    6. Instead of having quests like " Play God X 3 times", why not promote the sense of winning. Win by Playing God X 1 time. Win as Warrior 1 time. Win Conquest 1 time. Win 1 time is good enough (don't expect it to be easy to win 3 times, too much effort)

    7. Clearly indicate the end date for the Odyssey 2018 event (in the client)

    8. What about community participation in the story line? Like a "Choose your own Adventure" storyline, an evolving storyline, where the community picks and choose what the protagonist God will do next? or a bit more Da Vinci code, with clues and puzzles for us to solve, trying to figure out who killed Zeus?
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