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Thread: Chinese New Year 2018 ideas

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    Chinese New Year 2018 ideas

    Considering that after January 18th, 2018, HI REZ will be taking over from TENCENT re: Smite China, we should have a big Chinese New Year Event 2018 (First Day of Chinese New Year falls on February 16th, 2018). 2018 is the year of the Dog.


    1. New Chinese New Year God Skins (if you are planning on releasing any Chinese themed skin, this would be a nice time to do so) (Monetization)
    2. Chinese New Year Event Rewards includes Limited Edition Chinese New Year Avatar/Emote/Ward Skin (Free)
    3. Chinese New Year Video Trailer, Login in (animated), music
    4. Chinese New Year Gems Sale (Monetization)
    5. Conquest Map decorated for Chinese New Year, considering its our main game mode (with the option to disable and use the Default Conquest Map)
    6. Since SMITE is all about Gods, the most prominent God during Chinese New Year is the God of Wealth (Choy Sun or Cai Shen). Would be awesome if there would be a scripted in-game event about him. Choy Sun could be an Event NPC?

    7. Chinese Character Jump Stamp (in particular the Chinese Character representing "Luck"). Other popular Chinese Characters are Spring (Chinese New Year is a Spring Festival), Dog (Year of the Dog), etc...

    8. A Chinese New Year decorated Conquest Map, we get to use for FREE any Chinese Gods/ Chinese Themed Skins (All the Chinese Pantheon Gods, Anubis K-9 (because its the Year of the Dog), Odin Pandamonium, Mercury Shaolin Fury, Cupid Lucky Baby Fu Wa, Hun Batz Shaolin Monk-ey, Kukulkan Sacred Dragon, Skadi Such Cold (because it's a pet dog), etc... (to avoid creating a new queue, maybe use MOTD: Publicize it, Promote it as a Chinese New Year Event Special) Make it rewarding.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2017
    Chinese New Year Sunday, January 29 2017, 8:00 pm
    The Chinese gods are ready to celebrate the new year! Ring in the Year of the Rooster in this all our arena brawl.
    Map: Arena

    Unlucky Number 4 Saturday, January 28 2017, 8:00 pm
    4 is one of the most unlucky numbers in Chinese Culture. These Chinese gods are here to prove they can be powerful without their 4th ability.
    Map: Joust
    Team Size: 5
    These are two events I found on 2017 Smite Chinese New Year. I think its a bit underwhelming compared to what others are doing for Chinese New Year, see LOL/Overwatch. There isn't anything particular exciting/rewarding about it? The Unlucky Number 4 , errr its more like this... say you have a Skin selling for 400 Gems (That's an unlucky number relating to death) it would be priced 388 Gems ("Fortune for Life") or 288 Gems ("Double Fortune") or 188 ("Fortune is Assured"). Maybe get past data to help decide how popular was "The Unlucky Number 4 Event"? An Event need to be fun and rewarding? What were the rewards for participating? Publicize it to reach a greater audience.

    9. Chinese New Year Community Event. Get the Art team to design some Dog Paper Origami (borrowed from Japan), it could be Smite Gods in Dog Costumes? It could be Dogs found in Smite? etc... players can just print them out, follow the instructions (cut here/fold here)... and Viola a Chinese New Year 2018 Dog. Take a photo, include some words/greetings/meme/hashtag etc... Post it on Smite Twitter/Facebook/Forum for a chance to win awesome prizes (hint hint: New Chinese New Year 2018 Skins, 888 Gems, all entries receives 88 Gems)
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    I think they should fix Erlang Shen's god awful non-Chinese default design for the occasion.

    • Make it like ancient Chinese lamellar body armor that generally comprises a suit of overlapping rectangular plates, attached to a heavy fabric mantle..
    • For his headgear, a xiaoguan (小冠) that's fastened by sticking a horizontal pin straight through the headgear and through the hair of a topknot.
    • And on top of that, he could have a lingzi (翎子), which are ornamental pheasant feathers on his headgear. It is a very martial symbol.

    They can even call it a skin with a Three Kingdoms theme, or whatever. As long as I don't have to look at his horrid non-Chinese default design.

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    It would be cute to see all the doggos in smite get some skins for this event, what a lovely idea!
    Anubis, Cerberus, Fenrir - and Erlang & Skadi skins.

    We'd have to see a chow chow pupper skin in there somewhere

    what a good boy

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