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Thread: hachiman ult

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    hachiman ult

    after some use and some ults i was wondering why sometimes it would do damage and some times it didnt do any damage .
    as it turns out bad habits of canceling stuff was cuasing the issues
    to my point though i feel like if you cancel hachiman ult it should still fire the volley at the point of cancel
    as at that point you have used the ult it might as well do the damage

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    I mean, Da Ji ult can cancel without shooting too... You still got your movement out of it. His ult is most closely related to Guan Yu, but he of course stuns when he jumps off his horse. Just shoot instead of canceling, maybe someone wanted to cancel and NOT shoot because the opponent popped thorns or something. Maybe we'll get a future god with an ability that applies CC if attacked for a duration, similar to Kuzenbo and his spikes. Personally I like that you have options, helps in those rare situations.

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