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Thread: Mischievous Neith Skin Re-conceptualized

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    Lightbulb Mischievous Neith Skin Re-conceptualized

    Why can't Mischievous Neith look like it does on the splash art?

    To me, it seems like it looks better on the splash art than on the actual game. There, I believe she lacks some life as seen in the splash art picture with all the plants and flowers. Her skin kind of looks like some zombie or vampire thing inside the game. However, in the picture, the combination of her colorfull skin and dark clothes/equipment suits pretty good to me.

    Hope this thread is taken in consideration

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    Actually her Mischievous skin looks way better in game than in the selection screen. You can check it out in Jungle practice. I don't know why it's not consistent with actual in-game appearance. That's why I prefer her Instakill skin more than Mischievous.
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