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Thread: Fujin: Demon God of Wind

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    Fujin: Demon God of Wind

    Fujin basically looks like a green Raijin, but wielding his bag of winds. He is a Mage.

    Passive; Bag of Winds: While outside of combat, Fujin gathers wind into his bag increasing the damage of his basic attacks and abilities as well as his abilitys knockback distance. Using basic attacks and abilities uses wind.

    1st Ability; Wind Blast: Fujin releases wind from his bag dealing damage to the first enemy hit and knocking them back. If knocked into other enemies, the target takes extra damage as well as damages those enemies.

    2nd Ability; Stand Aside!: Fujin releases wind in a burst directly in front of him, dealing damage and knocking enemies to either side and back a short distance.

    3rd Ability; A Little Push: Fujin releases wind behind him, sending him in a path in the direction he is facing. Enemies in the path take damage and are knocked to the side and back a short distance. The distance he travels is based on the wind he currently has in his bag.

    Ultimate Ability; Hurricane: Fujin releases all of wind currently in his bag dealing a lot of damage and knocking enemies away from him. Fujin is CC immune for short duration before, during, and after the hurricane is unleashed.

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    Lookin pretty good!
    How does the passive work precisely?
    How does he obtain wind, and whats the cap?

    Furthermore, looking REALLY annoying to face! Just what i like >

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