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Thread: Remove Thorns! (and ancile)

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    Remove Thorns! (and ancile)

    Hi there,

    Thorns need to be removed from the game. They remove certain mages from the game just by existing.
    1 vulcan ult + 2 thorns = 1223 damage
    There was another clip which i lost where he died from full hp by: Poseidon 3 + 1 + ult against 2 thorns.

    Mages get hit harder than anyone else because they dont have scaling magic protection (only class in the game without scaling mag prot! wtf?!) and they have the smallest health pools. And they apply their damage as burst.

    There is no reasonable counterplay! You can just not use your ult all game unless you know thorns are on cooldown or only use it when the guys with the thorns are far away (which just doesnt happen whenever the game is being decided i.e. 5 man sieges / fg fights). That is incredibly stupid to be quite frank.

    Same thing goes for Ancile (and to a lesser degree mantle). It is so abyssmal to play mages with channels into 3 ancile and most importantly its detrimental to skillful play since it provides a powerful effect for 0 invested effort.
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    I'm inclined to agree with you since I main mages.

    But I also play Warriors and let me tell you, no matter how many prots and HP I build, Hunters still shred me to bits while being able to easily chase with Poison Star.

    My one counter to that? Thorns.

    It allows me to actually fight them on even terms, because only with Thorns can I match their dps and actually have a chance to win.

    Or a chance to get them off of me. Or a chance to kill them and win the game.

    Plus, Thorns is a must in Duel but that's irrelevant.


    My point is, Thorns ought to maybe be tweaked to reflect 50% of Auto Attack Damage, but only 25% of Ability Damage.

    Why still 25%?

    Because Mage burst also hurts and since they're long ranged it can be difficult to close the distance, Thorns helps as a deterrent to keep them from stopping you for a few seconds.

    As for Ancile all it really needs is a 150-200 gold price increase. Base stats are too good for the price let alone the actually useful passive.
    What do I put here now?

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