Dear Hi-Rez,

If you ever put Sekhmet in Smite, I shall main her, pet her and treat her with all the love and affection that she deserves. She'd be a stance switcher, between raging lioness assassin (bitey bitey scratchy scratchy) and placid cow guardian (peaceful auras/buffs and/or nothing offensive). Either she'd be a stance switcher or she'd be a bit like a reverse Cu Chulainn in that the more blood she spills in her assassin form, she goes to sleep in her cow form that has the benefit of providing massive buffs to her team in a guardian-type stance where she's either immobile or at least very slow, like a cow munching grass.

I don't actually know if this should be in the God Feedback or another forum, but I'm shocked that no one else seems to have thought of Sekhmet. Plenty of people have suggested Horus and Set, but meh, screw that! Sekhmet is my BAE. Bast pales in comparison to what Sekhmet is capable of. If I knew programming and character design/balancing, I'd volunteer to do this myself, but I guess I'll just have to implore you to design A Sekhmet sometime after you're finished reaping the benefits of the Paladins cash cow. ;-;

Thank you for your time,

*poofs back to ingame*