(With Blake Edwards & Chris Larson)

Hey guys, MLC St3alth here!

Gif of the Fog!

Today we’ll be going over the new addition of fog to the Season 5 Conquest map as well as a few other technical improvements made to SMITE. Everything you see is still a work in progress; the team is working their butts off every day to make their vision for this map a reality. This will be our very last Season 5 sneak peak until we reveal the whole map at HRX. You guys will finally have the chance to play it yourselves on the PTS on January 17. If you’re joining us at HRX, you’ll be able to play it at the show next week! Without further ado, let’s get rolling.

Season 4

Season 5

When SMITE was in beta we experimented with tons of features. One that didn’t make it out of beta, and has remained on the top of the community request list, is Jungle Fog. We’re super excited to re-implement it in Season 5.

Senior Software Engineer, Blake Edwards was kind enough to shed some light on some of the work we did to bring back this long requested feature.

To implement fog in Season 5, we utilized a combination of fog volumes and particle effects. This closely matches the gameplay design of limited vision, and also provides a more realistic, eerie look to the jungle. Looking closely, you will notice that taller objects peek out of the fog and so do other Gods when using height-based abilities. In addition, artists also have been able to carve out areas from the fog, providing more visibility around the camps.

Season 4

Season 5

This is brand new tech we created specifically for the Conquest map! The new fog makes it incredibly clear what you have vision of and what you don’t.

Here’s a quick message from SMITE Executive Producer, Chris Larson:

The team continues to work hard and deliver new advancements to the core technology of SMITE. We hope as you start to play Conquest in Season 5 you will discover and appreciate the small details that were put into the map. Also players that are on older gaming PC’s will not be left behind on the fun because performance was at the forefront of our efforts!

I can’t wait for Conquest to be played in 2018, and to share in the excitement of what I consider our greatest map produced to date.You don’t have to worry that the team may decide to sit back on our achievement and take a break… No, we have already started on the next awesome SMITE map!

And there you have it! I’ve had a great time sitting down with everyone around the SMITE office getting all the details about the Season 5 Conquest map. I hope all of you reading this have enjoyed the time we’ve spent together these past couple weeks. On January 17 we will release our PTS for the new map so you will have a chance to provide us first hand feedback. We will be searching for your feedback and trying our best to improve the game around it.

But let’s not get too excited about next year quite yet because we’ve still got things to worry about in the present: HRX. That’s right! The grand finale of all things Season 4 begins in less than one week. Be sure to catch the best teams in action as they face off to see who is #1. Love you guys. See you at HRX!

- MLC St3alth <3