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Thread: Jing Wei (Cast time is too long for Air Strike)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRobare View Post
    Not every hunter needs to box. To understand her you must understand this. And as others have mentioned you can just leave and heal up if you do get beat up.

    She won't be a worse hunter if she GETS AHEAD. If she doesn't miss a wave then she will get ahead meaning she will slowly become more and more powerful them the enemy adc.

    The adc you are against will NEVER get teleport. If they do instead of beads/aegis then make sure your jungler and support harass them and force it out at every opportunity. With how long the cooldown is they will make use of or once every couple of minutes and miss several waves in the meantime.

    As for Swift Wing, this item is very inefficient in a hunter build and will put them further behind in gold. Buying this item will AT MOST grant then an extra half minion wave meaning you will still always have more experience/gold but you will also be way father ahead in your build seeing as they wasted gold on a support/solo item.

    Edit: Also with Swift Wing they will have slower clear with the lack of damage items meaning you have now chances to invade and steal buffs.
    I do agree that you should know when to box and when to just farm, but to say a hunter should be so bad at boxing to the point you just should never do it unless ahead is not right. Every hunter needs to at least be okay at boxing in this meta or you lose too much in Conquest. Also, Jing Wei is the only hunter that needs to use her dash to box because of the knock up on her 1, which is just awful since you need to waste your dash just to have a change at boxing when other hunter don't need to do and they can save it for dashing in or out. Or if they don't have a dash they usually have a lot more damage/CC like AMC and Skadi plus a lot of like movement speed like AMC 1 and Skadi 3.

    Before it was okay since she got something powerful for using it that way, but now it's just not worth using her dash off of her 1 to box most of the time. I'm not saying they need to buff the 3 or what they should buff her to make her better to play, but something should be done. Mind you like I said before her 2 does nothing to help her box when it's at level 1 which is also really bad and her ult is not very useful for boxing either since it's slow and easy to see coming letting you use Aegis or even a simple Hou Yi 3 or Rama roll to name a few. Smart players won't just take random fights with Jing Wei so that "Just leave and heal up" will usually get you punished super hard for by either holding the wave there making you miss farm or taking your side of the jungle while you are forced to back putting you behind. You don't need to clear the wave making it easy to force Jing Wei to miss farm if you have nothing to farm yourself on the map and if you forced the Jing Wei to back. And Jing Wei from behind is god awful and it feels so bad like most any god will. You can also get a free GF against her like this as well. It's too easy to do against Jing Wei. You can't just sit under tower and farm on her like you could in S3 because of the camps coming up before the waves meet.

    And please no "If she GETS AHEAD." Any god in the game is good when ahead so that makes no sense to bring up here when talking about buff/nerfs. Of course if you are playing Jing Wei and you are 3 levels up you will seem strong, that's not the point here. The point is the fact she is super easy to bully and good players understand that making it hard to stay even, let alone ahead like you say. And you say if she does not miss a wave she will slowly become more powerful, but that just sounds like you will just be even at best to me. Her passive does not just mean she gets free gold/exp every min or something. She still needs a strong kit just like any other hunter since her passive does nothing for her in combat like other hunters.

    I agree if the other ADC is getting Teloport or buying Swift Wing they probably don't know what they are doing or just having fun with it.

    I just want to add I'm fine if Jing Wei boxing is not as good as other hunters, but her team fighting better be super amazing then and make up for being so bad in lane which is not the case right now. That's why I do agree that if they don't want to buff her boxing at least make her ult better or buff something for her team fighting so she is more scary when she's in them unlike now. If for some reason she becomes too much after the change they can do a lot to nerf her like hitting the passive with a cd or less time on it if that's the problem or something else in her kit if need be. Just give her some love first please!

    If she's still not good in Duel or other games modes that's fine, but at least she will be great in Conquest like she was made for based on her whole kit. Though if her team fighting is better she should be better in other game modes as well as! If they just buff the passive back to 5 secs it will only help her a little bit more in Conquest and no where else really which I don't agree with.

    Also, I want to add they did that for other gods like say Izanami to name one god that got some nice buffs to make her better to play while nerfing some other parts after seeing she was too strong in Conquest. I mean some gods have been op for months like AMC who will probably get some type of nerf for S5, but to be fair they probably left him like that until Worlds is over since they did not want to take him out of the meta for it.

    We will most likely see a lot of gods that need buffs/nerfs happen for S5 after SWC is all over but did not want to change too much before then. The new S5 meta alone will probably make some gods stronger or weaker even without buff or nerfs so it should be interesting! I'm just talking about right for Jing Wei for this meta if it stays the same or close to it for S5 she will need some type of buff or she's going to be a god that is dead and bad. Even more so when the Devo nerf happens like it probably will which will really hurt her since she loves that item and made her a little bit better in S4.

    But S5 patch is really close and we will see what changes! I'm really looking forward to it a lot!

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    I understand how you feel but, you just ignored what everyone was telling you pretty much. Idk of you didn't mean to, or if you just didn't want to consider what we were telling you. Bruh, Jing wei has one of the best passives in the game. She has the ability to never miss a wave when she backs. Do you know what that means? That means that she is completely immune to peal or losing her lane if played right. That being said she can peal and peal and peal all day with zero consequence. She can force the enemy to back and he doesn't have the ability to fly cross the damn map to lane. You want your cake and eat it to. Jing wei is a decent boxer you want her to be buffed in line as any other hunter. But you are purposely ignoring her passive and how strong it is. This will never happen because hi rez will point out the obvious bias in this claim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zellun View Post
    She can force the enemy to back
    LOL, Now I understand that you just hate jing wey.

    "Yuls" beautifully painted why she can not force the enemy to return. Since she is bad in BOX!

    Passive ability helps you quickly return. But you for some reason ignore the fact that it takes 6 seconds to return "B" and only after that you still fly to the goal for 4 seconds.. and I still forgot that +~4 seconds to restore health.
    During this time, the enemy quietly destroys the tower.
    And then all creeps accentuated by the tower do not bring gold and since the jing wey is difficult to kill the wave up to the ~10th level if against you also izani or ullr you in the end lose all the gold and the tower. And passiv does not help here, even a hundred times fly.
    I'm not talking about a high-level game, in which her passiv is completely useless.

    I did not ask to give her a shield and +100500 damage. I just wanted Airstrike to spell faster them fuc*** 0.7 seconds!!!
    After all, she still has a lot of shortcomings. And I hope that they will still strengthen she.
    My English is very bad and I'm just tired of explaining why and how.
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