Hey guys, I've been struggling with this for a while now. I've reinstalled the client and it didn't help. Some of the screens for hunter's custom item builds are messed up. A lot of the squares for selecting items up above don't work, some of them are only selectable if you back out and go back into the build screen, and some of them don't show up or load and autobuy when you're playing. Leaving you one item short in your build. (I know, auto buy is stupid, I'm casual and really like it)

Sometimes the missing item seems to be tied to which particular square I select up above for the item I want to put into the build and sometimes it seems to be tied to the spot in the actual build order. For Chiron I actually had to select a really cheap item knowing it was going to be dropped. This leaves me with five items.

I know from my own experience that Chiron, Jing Wei, AMC, Anhur, Izanami, Hachiman, Cupid, Skadi, Cernunnos, and Neith are bugged.

The odd part is that it only happens with hunters for me. Anyone else have this problem? Please fix it devs. It's kind of a game breaker for me.