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Blue buff

I was able to pull our Lead Game Designer, Ajax, away from his work this holiday season so he could share some more Season 5 Conquest details. Today, we’re going to be looking at the some of the changes we’ve made to the jungle. The Art team wanted me to remind you all that these images are still a work in progress, so only judge us harshly.

All of the Season 5 buff camps have been remodeled as exciting and new creatures, instead of variations of cyclopes. We took lore inspirations from mythical Greek creatures and crafted completely new buff camp areas to better fit the new monsters.

Speaking of new monsters, everybody’s favorite Manticore is back! We found the poor guy asking for change from the Gold Fury. We felt bad so we decided to give him a job at the Red Buff.

Manticore / Red Buff

We’ve changed the buff drops to be cooler and also reduce confusion about when the buff can be picked up. The drop animation is much more defined, and buffs can now be picked up as soon as they touch the ground. This change makes it easier to know when you can start running away from a camp after successfully picking up a buff.

Gold Fury

Gold Fury will see some slight design changes to stats/rewards in Season 5. Our goal is to make an early Gold Fury feel less snowball-y, while making a late game Gold Fury more impactful. We’ve totally remodeled this boss to be based more off of an actual Greek “Fury,” which is a demon from a part of the underworld, instead of a bird lady.


The Oracles are back, and still function the same as in Season 4, but now have their own camp area. We found that the Oracles sharing a camp area with Gold Fury felt cluttered and was confusing.

This camp got a complete remodel to match the aesthetic of the rest of the map!

Portal Demon -> Pyromancer

Say goodbye to the Portal Demon, and hello to the Pyromancer! This Jungle Boss comes complete with a new model, and a NEW gameplay design.

Instead of being granted a portal when your team kills this jungle boss, your fountain will be granted a blessing that gives your entire team a speed boost whenever they leave the fountain. This gives players more flexibility in how they use the buff, they can go anywhere, not just to the Fire Giant area.

Fire Giant

Fire Giant’s new model is based on Surtr, the Bringer of Ragnarok. He will keep his ranged, melee, and rift attacks from Season 4, but will lose his pools attack. We’ve also given him two brand new attacks to replace it!

Fire Giant will also gain the “evolving camp” status where he becomes more difficult to take down, but offers a larger reward after the game reaches a certain point.

Our goal for these changes is to provide a unified aesthetic to the map that breathes new life into the jungle, while improving the gameplay experience.

That’s it guys! We’re looking forward to hearing what you all think.

- MLC St3alth

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