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Thread: [SPOILS] S5 Conquest map revealed!

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    it looks like i might finally get 1v1 lane in Mid
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    Bumping for new spoils.
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    It looks so pretty.

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    Just wanted to post this here. Season 5 weblink, with a preview video (sort of)

    I am exciting to see the addition of Wildlife NPC to the Season 5 Conquest map (I could see a swamp of flies, some butterflies, some birds, etc..) Well it's a good start. On both LOL and DOTA2, they too have WIldlife to bring the maps to life (they have koi fishes, squirrels, tortoise, birds, butterflies, caterpillar, beetles, bats, spiders, ladybirds, rats, dragon flies, frogs and many more). Poros can also be found on LOL map, a unique furry creature only found on LOL

    Maybe not Poro, as its the unofficial LOL mascot. But others could be considered as well. To better relate to our Ancient Greek Theme, maybe consider other Mythical creatures like a group of Flying Pegasus in the sky from a distant, or Sirens on a Rock Island just off the coast, Owls (Athena is big on owls), maybe have a Golden Fleece hanging on one of the trees (from Jason and the Golden Fleece) etc...

    However, it isn't clear from the preview above:
    1. that the grass, bushes, shrubs, leaves on the trees do "sway and move slightly" to emulate a breeze/wind.
    2. is shadow enabled on this map to make it even more real?

    Something to consider for future Map Enhancements, DOTA 2 has Weather Effects allowing players the option to experience the map under different weather, examples:
    - Spring Time
    - Raining (with lightning and thunder included, it generally gets darker as rain clouds forms and block the sunlight, but unfortunately you don't see any puddle of water on the ground)
    - Pestilence (like a plague sweeps thru the map)
    - Snow (Winter)
    - Harvest
    - etc...
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