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Thread: theory crafting item/mechanic changes

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    theory crafting item/mechanic changes

    soooo was talking with a friend of mine last night and we were discussing sum interesting ideas lol

    sooo first idea was to change gaurdians and warriors power scaling to be off of protections and not power. this was just lightly discussed since it would be a serious coding change. but would maybe encourage building correctly/differently.

    the 2nd idea we had was to make an item tree for each class exclusive. idea behind this is that balance changes could be tweaked without other classes being able to abuse them. example we thought of were. bow tree hunter only, robe tree for guardian, shield tree for warrior, assassins katana, and fibally rod of Tahuti/chonos/doom orb mage only.

    now yes we thought long on this. like buffing sum of the items in each tree soo they become core for that class and since no one else can use them, hey looky you dont need to worry about making another class/god broken. and it leaves it open to changing items in those trees more. now we realized that the shield tree n rid tree should have an item added to make up for losing from others but only gaining 3.

    just wanted to see what other ppl thought of these
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    First idea is terrible. I'm sorry, but it's just gonna promote building full tank and still having a decent damage output instead of having to compromise if you want to hit hard.

    Second idea is just making the physical/magical divide worse. The decision to split gods' itemization by damage type was a very poor and lazy one, and you're just saying to increase that level of nonsense. There's not even a good reason to go through with it.
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    Flat Pen and Base protections need a very close look at before anything too drastic happens way before hand.

    As it is, I think that magical penetration is overall in a fine'ish place. There are plenty options, most of them being decent to good and mages being the most prominent and arguably one of the most favorite classes to be played and having only 30 magical base protections makes the stat very good, desireable and available in desireble amounts. On top of that, we also have strong pen options for all kinds of playstyles, for burst, dot and bruiser/tank, basic attacking, there is some flavor for everyone/everything and on top of that, most Items work rather well with one another in some way or form.

    Not so for phys pen. All gods have a substancially higher amount of base physical protections, yet the good and impactful options for physical protection are somewhat limited, quite often somewhat situational and in most cases insufficient and not synergistic. Especially because of high base physical protections on all gods (I think the lowest is 60 base phys prot on Anubis (I think Pos has even less than that), which you can't even reach with flat pen because there is a super unnecessary cap of 50 on that stat.

    That being put aside, I also feel like some game mechanics should be rebuild from scratch. For example, Anti Heal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaRodin View Post
    Not so for phys pen. All gods have a
    If I understand correctly you are saying physical pen is too limited.

    They balanced it that way (guessing) so that physical damage has more resistance to it because physical damage often persists where mages rely on their spells more than their physicals. Missing with a spell is a bigger problem than missing a physical attack, likewise, resistance on a singular spell matters more than resistance on a single physical attack.

    they obviously didn't want "true damage" to happen with physical attacks, which is why its capped - physical damage is easier to apply and has more room for error; therefore it has more resistances facing it and less options to deal with said resistances to balance out the fact that its also easier to apply directed and persistent physical damage than magical (on average).

    as to the op suggestions: no. Exclusive item trees are the laziest thing a developer can do and no player should want it for a game they play that hasn't been cursed with it already; it dumbs the game down by removing (legitimate) build options and it doesn't solve any perceived balance issue, because the "individual trees" still have to be balanced against all of the rest of the bullshit in the game... it really is just more likely that every item build becomes identical as people settle on the only acceptable build left available and then there becomes no point to the item system at all.
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    You build protection, you get free power. There's no decisions to weigh the cost and benefit, so either this will be incredibly powerful.....

    Or it will need to be balanced so hard that it will render specializing builds difficult at certain stages of the game, as tank builds need to give up protections and damage builds need to give up power.

    The first suggestion pretty much takes away the choice of players.

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    I rather certain warrior/guardian abilities scale slightly off of protection along with power to promote building bruiser, like heals or whatnot.

    2nd idea hurts the versatility of different gods in different roles.

    3rd idea makes me want to laugh about hunters being barred from the katana tree like lmao, they had to pull a lazy one off on that one.
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    Items that are available for everyone can't be balanced, by design. They limited some to magic/phys, then to melee/ranged. What's next, separate itemization by class?

    Thats why in HOTS they got rid of items completely and balance each character individually with talents.
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