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Thread: God Concept - Armok, God of Blood

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    God Concept - Armok, God of Blood

    Armok, God of Blood
    Pantheon: Dorfin

    Role: Guardian


    Health: 576 (+96)
    Final Health: 2400
    Mana: 212 (+42)
    Final Mana: 1010
    Attack Speed: .88 (+1%)
    Final Attack Speed: 1.05
    Attack Damage: 39 (2) +20% Magical Scaling
    Final Attack Damage: 77
    Attack Progression: None
    Physical Protection: 28 (+3.2)
    Final Physical Protection: 89
    Magical Protection: 31 (+0.9)
    Final Magical Protection: 48
    HP5: 7.6 (+.55)
    Final HP5: 18.05
    MP5: 5.25 (+0.49)
    Final MP5: 14.56

    Passive: Slaves to Armok
    Starting at level 3, any lane that Armok is in when it spawns minions will also summon a dorf. Dorfs are stouter and sturdier than a normal minion, with an additional health and damage bonus that scales with Armok's level after 3, and bonus damage reduction. Starting at level 10, they can also have a chance to enter martial rage when damaged, increasing their attack speed and damage. After 25 minutes, he will summon 2 dorfs per minion wave. Dorfs do not give gold or experience.
    Dorf stats
    Health: 720 (+10)
    Final Health: 880
    Damage Reduction: 11% (+1.5% per minute after Armok reaches level 3)
    Damage (Physical): 55 (+1.1)
    Final Damage: 73
    Damage to Structures: 67 (+.2)
    Final Structure Damage: 70
    Moves and attacks as fast as a Brute (can't seem to find the numbers)
    Chance Of Martial Rage When Damaged: 10% (+.5%)
    Final Martial Rage Chance: 15%
    Damage boost: 10 (+1)
    Final Damage Boost: 20
    Attack Speed Boost: 30%
    No bonus damage to structures
    Martial Rage Duration: 3s

    Ability 1: Reforge Minions
    Armok reforges a minion wave. All living minions besides dorfs gain additional health, damage reduction, power, and are fully healed. Reforging invigorates Armok, permanently increasing his health per minion reforged.
    Extra Minion Health: 20/40/60/80
    Extra Minion Damage: 10/15/20/25
    Extra Minion Structure Damage: 5/10/15/20
    Maximum Health Gained: .4/.6/.8/1
    Cooldown: 20s
    Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110

    Ability 2: Mighty Blow
    Armok's holds his hammer up high, with it growing larger the longer he holds this stance, maxing out at 2 seconds. As he charges, the range at and the radius of the impact will slowly get farther and larger. At any time he can slam the hammer down, stunning and damaging all Gods in the impact zone depending on how large the hammer was.
    Damage: 80-140/90-220/100-300/110-360 (+50% Magical Scaling)
    Fixed Range: 15-40
    Growing Radius: 15-30
    Cooldown: 18s/17s/16s/15s
    Mana Cost: 60/65/70/80

    Ability 3: Blood for Armok
    Armok raises his fist, and gradually drains the blood from all enemies in a radius around him, gaining power and healing himself. So long as the enemies are being drained, they are slowed.
    Damage per tick: 20/25/30/35 (+10% Magical Scaling)
    Power gained per tick per God: 2/3/4/5
    Health gained per tick per God: 10/15/20/25 (+5% Magical Scaling)
    Sow: 30%
    Tick countdown: .5s
    Drain duration: 3s
    Power buff duration: 5s
    Mana cost: 60/70/80/85
    Cooldown: 15s

    Ultimate Ability: Universal Tyrant
    Armok grows bored of the battle, and decides to bring chaos. Unleashing his full power,
    he becomes massive and powerful, dwarfing the entire battlefield and being immune to damage and crowd control, and has vision of the entire map. He gains three abilities he can apply to anywhere on the map, for no mana cost. This ability can be canceled at any time by pressing the ultimate button again.
    Additional Power: 30/40/50/60
    Duration: 3s/4s/5s/6s
    Cooldown: 180s
    Mana Cost: 120/130/140/150

    Ultimate Ability: Rampage
    Armok fuels his allies with a fraction of his power. Allies caught in the radius of this blast will gain a large boost to power and attack speed.
    Physical Power Gain: 30/40/50/60
    Magical Power Gain: 60/70/80/90
    Attack Speed Gain: 15%/20%/25%/30%
    Radius: 20
    Duration: 3s
    Cooldown: 4s

    Ultimate Ability: Bloodletting Spears
    Armok unleashes cruel, barbed spears to pierce his enemies. Enemies hit by the spears take damage and are rooted. If they escape the root before its duration is over using any means, they will take additional damage over time.
    Initial Damage: 80/100/120/140 (+40% Magical Scaling)
    Root Duration: 2s
    Damage per tick: 30/40/50/55 (+5% Magical Scaling)
    Tick countdown: .5s
    Damage over time duration: 2s
    Cooldown: 5s

    Ultimate Ability: Damnation
    Armok targets one enemy God, and damns them. That God is crippled, silenced, slowed, loses mana, and takes true damage based upon their current health.
    Debuff duration: 3s
    True damage: 10%/15%/20%/25% of current health
    Mana loss: 20%/25%/30%/40% of maximum mana


    In the swirling, primordial chaos that exists beyond space and time, beyond the natural forces mortals are restrained by, beyond the conception of even the wisest among immortals, there is only one constant element. That constant is Armok, the Supreme God of Blood.

    Armok is a being of indescribable power. The creation and destruction of entire universes is but child's play for the Almighty God of Blood. He has created and destroyed countless universes and countless realities. There are those whose inhabitants worship Him in the tens of billions, and there are those where His divine presence is unknown. But most important is that they remain in constant disarray. He only finds satisfaction in watching conflict and bloodshed. The creation of new, chaotic universes and the destruction of old, tired and boring universes is the sole focal point of His mighty prowess.

    However, one universe in particular has caught His all-seeing eye. Beings of notable might have been battling each other, reveling in combat and destruction, and the God of Blood has decided to make himself known. Could immortal blood be what finally quenches his thirst? Or will the carnage and ruin these so-called Gods can bring about only drive him further into his maddened bloodlust? Knowing his true power would destroy their entire universe in an instant, he crafts a suitable avatar for himself and delves in to discover the answer...

    Obviously I do not expect His Bloodiness to be added to the game, never in a million years. This was just a fun thing I thought up on a whim. Is he OP? Probably.
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    It's complete! I wish I could edit the title of the post...

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    As a guardian in the ADC Lane, i do not see how he would support his ally with any of his abilities save Rampage on his ult. Even then it is his ult and will be unreliable. Also being able to permanately gain health for every minion he raises at max rank will become very strong the longer the game goes on.

    passive: i like the idea of the extra minion. I think the Dorfs should spawn at level 1 and be weaker than described but as the first brutes appear then the dorfs should change to brutes. however, this passive would mean that if any lane is left alone it will inevitably push forward unless there is an enemy god to counter it and it is especialy strong early game given the damage minions do to low level gods. perhaps their strength should be reconsidered. I would make them weaker than normal minions so that they do not crush lanes by themselves.

    1: paired with his passive, this god could simply heal a wave repeatedly with enough CDR and gain health for it. hes a guardian with lane pushing power and a dot dmg that can clear lane. i think this is a little OP in ADC Lane but does it drain mana from the user?

    2: i like the concept of charing up this ability but i dont see how it could support his Hunter in lane and i dont quite understand how the distance of the ability works. are there thresholds for when a certain size of the afflicted ares applies a correlating dmg amount?

    3: this man is looking more like a mage and not a guardian. he would gain 50 power after 5 seconds at max rank and thats equivalent to another item not to mention hes also healing.

    4: i tihnk the invulnerability of the ult would be too op paired with his global presence. i like the idea of gaining more abilities when he ults but i feel they need to be changed. Consider reworking the ult.

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