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Thread: Warriors are unbalanced (pls read)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hokabi View Post
    here is a quick tip. don't use the other game modes as an example of why some gods need changes. because the only answer that you are going to receive is that the balance of the game is made only around of conquest
    That's honestly one thing I don't like about MOBAs. There are more than just the one game mode. I'd honestly argue that Joust is more played than Conquest. Basing balance on Conquest, while practical, is kinda irrational in my eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Private69 View Post
    I understand that the game is balanced for conquest. I just dont understand why it cant be balanced for all game modes, seeing as how only 50% of overall players play conquest.
    If that the case then Ah Puch would just downright be removed from the game because he's a prime example of how difficult it is to balance for all game modes.

    Scylla was also a prime example because she had one of the weakest early games of all mages in CQ and was being buffed to rectify that, though that meant the exact opposite in other modes.
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