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Thread: me again :( Sorry!!

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    me again :( Sorry!!

    Hi Guys
    I'm sorry for posting this for a second time but I'm am a beginner youtuber with would like some feedback. There are a few things that I am questioning and would love it if I got feedback from the smite community. sorry that the video is boring but if you could spare 10 mins and give me your honest opinion either on the video or on here that would be great. This will be the last time I post this I promise Thanks !!

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    I feel like at least 50% of Smite players want to be youtuber and live from it.
    I tell you truth, only top few YT can do this and if you wanna be one of them then you need one of this videos:

    1) Funny half-montage where you smash players who are obviously much weaker than you and playing like bots(like create smurf or smth) - example MythyMo(?).

    2) Funny full montage where video is very short but filled with memes and very dynamic action all the time - example Punk Duck.

    3) Clickbaiting uncommon builds/playstyles/gods - like "Khepri 30-0 with no items, you will not believe this if I wouldnt told you!!!", of course its require even more smurfing and luck than point 1 - example Frostfang(?) and many other youtubers.

    4) Videos where you will be talking about basics of the game and copying builds from pros while claiming that you are really pro at it, newbies and casual players can fall for it so you have high chance to shine - example dukeslot(?).

    5) Drama/rage videos - this one require decent viewer base to be viable but when you start it then you will get very high attention. - example Incon/Weakn3 I guess.

    6) Giveaway channel - you know, you basically attract ppl by free staff and they give you subs/views etc. - dont know example, its used by many ppl.

    7) Sect channel - very rare and very hard to do so, require to be recognizable in huge playerbase, far more intelligent than your viewers and require ability to persuade everything to them no matter how stupid it would be - example dmbrandon(well, some ppl watching him only because he is funny when he rage for his mistakes tho but many of them would probably jump from building if dm would said them to do it).

    8) Last type of videos require actual high skill level to do it meaning you should be in at least Diamond+ leagues(either Duel, Joust 3 vs 3 or Conquest) and show how good you are. This also allows you to streaming at twitch as well(earning additional money for this same job) - example Samdadude(?) etc.

    Chose one, stick to this and if you will be very good at it then you have decent chance to be full-time youtuber. Thats all my tips to you.
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    If you're a cute girl, or a cute girl(male) your channel will be pretty popular, if not you may have to put a lot of work into delivering actual quality content people will care about.

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