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Thread: Suspended for match griefing - What the Hek???

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    Suspended for match griefing - What the Hek???

    I dont understand. I kept trying to join matches today and my internet provider had issues and kept losing connection on and off throughout the day. Finally when it got fixed and I am up and running now, it says I am suspended for 24 hours for match griefing.

    How can they do that? I get it if people keep leaving matches and such, but what about those in my situation if we keep losing internet or are having connection issues? It is bad enough that we have to pay monthly to play SMITE on xbox for the stupid GOLD membership, but damn, I have spent so much money on gems, etc and support of the game itself. They need to come up with other options for situations like this when they happen so they are not banning or suspending those that actually PAY MONEY to play the game.

    Ban those that play naughty but geez, don't ban those who are having connect issues and such when it is already frustrating.

    I submitted a support ticket to plead my case but are they good at responding back?

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    They can't detect if somebody closed their game or if their internet shut down. Honestly if it were possible to detect that, it should stay the way it is punishing everybody instead of only punishing those who left, because really anybody who will quit can easily unplug their modem and use the excuse that their internet went out.

    It'll take a few days for them to respond however, so kinda out of luck here, sorry
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    Such a long penalty only results from leaving over and over again regardless.. If your internet keeps disconnecting so you can't even start a game you should fix that before continuing to try and play. It isn't going to give you a 24 hour wait time for say 3 disconnects. You should have been fixing the problem after the first 2 disconnects. If you just have to wait for your ISP to fix things on their side, then actually wait instead of trying over and over. Anyone you get into a match with while you are suffering would also be forced to suffer.

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    I kinda agree with the replies above. Even if you are not willingly disconnecting from the game, the effect on the people in your game is the same. They just waisted 15 min of their time because of your unstable connection. So if you have consistent disconnects, you should fix that before you enter in a multiplayer game.

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    What about 9 other players who was waiting for game and expected to have fun when person like you disconnect and screw up whole game for them?
    It may be not your fault but you destroyed game for other ppl.

    Now imagine if at least one person in every match get disconnected which mean that nobody cant play proper game at all.
    You still think that you shouldnt have ban for this?
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    Its against the Forums CoC to Discuss Disciplinary Actions if you wish to talk about it then make a support ticket

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