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Thread: Game Mode Level Requirements Change Coming in Patch 4.23

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    Game Mode Level Requirements Change Coming in Patch 4.23

    This patch we are making some adjustments to the game mode level requirements to improve the experience for both new and veteran players alike. Starting in 4.23, new players will be able to queue for Normal Conquest, Arena, and Joust right from level 1. Players will not be able to queue for the other game modes until they reach level 15, but will still have access to Clash and Assault via the Co-Op vs. AI queue.

    This change does a few things:

    • It gives brand new players immediate access to the premier game mode, Conquest, at level 1. Players who install SMITE to play Conquest can now queue for this mode without having to grind a few levels. So if you are already familiar with the traditional 3-Lane MOBA format, or downloading SMITE after watching the SPL, you can now hop right into Conquest and start learning.
    • It focuses players level 1-15 into the Conquest, Arena, and Joust queues, so they are more likely to be matched with each other. This means faster queue times and higher quality matches for new players. This also decreases the chance of players level 1-15 being matched with players that are much higher level than they are.
    • Conquest, Arena, and Joust have the highest population, and our data shows that new players have a better experience while playing these modes. By setting new players up for success, they’ll be much more likely to continue playing, even after branching out to other modes post level 15.

    Final Notes

    With this change we hope to greatly improve the new player experience and match quality for everyone overall. This is the first step of many we have planned to ensure that both new and veteran players are having the best SMITE experience possible.

    - SMITE Design Team

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    How do I play with my friend who is level 2? We want to play joust together not just arena.

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