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Thread: Weekly Wisdom - Week of December 4

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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of December 4

    Patch 4.23 PC Release (12/5)

    On Tuesday, 12/5, we release our newest Smite patch, Rally to Rome, for PC!

    Read the patch notes to get all caught up with this patch. Check out the patch notes here!

    Trickster Bundle

    The Trickster God, Loki, has kidnapped King Hercules! Journey into the lands of Norse Mythology, combat legendary monsters, and confront Loki in an epic final battle! This new SMITE Adventure is available in 4.21 through 4.24. For more information, check out our Adventure site or FAQ!

    • Limited Agent of Darkness Loki
    • Limited Thief Avatar
    • Limited Music Theme
    • Limited Thief Loading Skin
    • Gold Key
    • Plus, earn an extra Gold Key after purchasing all Adventure Bundles

    Unlock Limited Cursed King Cernunnos in the Adventure Vault with a Gold Key!

    Skin Sales (12/4 - 12/7)

    • Heavenly Warlord Sun Wukong
    • Fire Lord Ne Zha
    • Kawaii Pop Bastet

    Skin Sales (12/8 - 12/10)

    • Lord of Silence Osiris
    • Hellrider Chiron
    • Slaughterhouse Chaac

    Free God Rotation (12/5 - 12/11)

    • Poseidon
    • Cabrakan
    • Odin
    • Medusa
    • Bakasura

    MLC St3alth's Tip of the Week

    Ward- A Consumable that provides Vision in the area it is placed. Wards are invisible to enemy players. Can also refer to a request from a player to "Ward" an area. This means they are asking for you to buy a Ward Consumable and place it at the requested location.

    Great! Now that we know what a ward is, you should also know that they are very important and you should purchase them no matter what role you play. It only costs 50 gold to purchase and this investment could help your team win. Get wards. Place them anywhere. It helps your team.
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