Today i was playing Hachiman on joust, and we were in a the middle of a team fight when Ganesha starting using his "ohm" ability to silence our team. he started to silence our Ymir to stop his freeze, i wasn't in his silence cone at first when i used Hachimans dash to dash into Ganesha.but i was silenced right as Ganesha stopped using his silence but i was still silenced.i stayed silenced for 12 seconds after he stopped silencing.i have a Xbox game clip of the bug on my account
DA BAD BANNANA2 it should appear on my activity feed titled "Ganesha silence bug".
i think it was caused because i dashed into the Ganesha silence the exact frame/second it ended
please email me [email protected] is you fix this bug, as i don't check the forums often.