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Thread: low damage as athena

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    please don't listen to the garbage advice, so with your match the enemy support well he is a damage support kind off, his not viable in higher skilled matches, his whole kit is base damage, the build he went, well your team did not punish him for it, that shit won't work verse good players he also could of snowballed so he can do that, athena can go damage if she is ahead but she shines as a full tank, your not suppose to have damage, cdr is your thing, and set up your 123 level common bruh, you don't know one of the best supports kit? your whole goal is to have your taunt on cooldown in fights all day

    dash em 3 then 2 or if you need a quick taunt dash 2 then 3, if your versing a hunter with escape you want to dash 2 , if its amc you can dash 3-2

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    Have to agree, full tank Athena is hilarious and pisses people off. 12 games yesterday and 2 losses with her. I build travelers boots, sov, heartward, spirit robe, mantle, then get rid of my starter item and pick up pys piece or stone of gia. She shines as a full tank.

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