Just a few things which frustrated me and have an easy solution:

Both the frozen door thingy (where you run around with the bomb) and the boiler room seemed repetitive just for the sake of forcefully making the mode longer, I'd much prefer either to make the busywork shorter or give the mode a couple more rooms and get going.

The fact that (boss) chests on Normal stop giving loot when you run out of T1's is frustrating, why not give a simbolic amount of gold or something? giving me empty chests rubs me the wrong way. (specially if you're grinding for statue pieces, going through that and getting diddly squat is frustrating)

If you're gonna add more grind to the grind by giving out gems (statue and diamonds) why not discount the gems from the bundle? I just spent 900 gems, if you're gonna give me 200 over the course of the whole-fuckton-a-lot of times that I play through I'd much prefer either just paying 700 or getting some skins instead.

Also, what is wrong with Draugr? He's the first boss but he's harder than the second one with his whirlpool which requires to either cheese him by bodyblocking him or pray that the aphro that you're now forced to bring will be able to keep at least one of the members alive. Either make the whirlpool disappear as he dies, give us a way to counteract it or lower its damage, if it destroys well-equipped teams on Normal I have only suspicions on how it looks on hard.

Well, I hope someone reads this.
As a side note I started playing the Adventure today (yes I know way too late), so there'd probably be more to be said if I had tried hard, but as far as the design of the adventure goes this is what bugged me.
Also I really enjoy SMITE, if I say all this stuff it's because I'd like the game that I enjoy to improve, maybe this won't be something to be put in place given that the adventure has been running for a while, but I hope it will give some pointers as to what might frustrate a player going through the adventure and maybe help design whichever's coming next.