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Thread: Quick question regarding Ranks

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    Quick question regarding Ranks


    I've been abscent from smite for over a year now due to bad internet connection where i used to live.
    I recently came back and qualified in duel got to silver 5 as starter. Yesterday i got to Silver 4 and almost at Silver 3 now, but it gets harder and harder. Why? Well because it seems i get matched against people around gold 2-1 every other match, and I encounter significantly more skilled opponents than me.

    Why is that? Queue is usually 10 sec so should find opponents around my rank, no?

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    You havent seen bad matchmaking yet my friend.
    Difference of one division is nothing.
    This feeling when your team is far behind and you have no prospects for late game but for some reason players still doesnt want to surrender - MOBA Cancer.

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