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Thread: Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 27

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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of November 27

    Patch 4.22 is out!! (All Platforms)

    On Monday, 11/27, we released our newest Smite patch, Passage to Egypt, for Xbox and PS4.

    If you want to read the patch notes, check them out here!

    Shadows Over Hercopolis - Nightmare Mode

    This week, we are running a contest to see who can be the first teams to complete Shadows Over Hercopolis on Nightmare Mode. With Nightmare Mode new to the Console players, it will be an exciting competition to see who will complete it first.

    Check out the full details in our blog.

    Record your run and submit your entry here.

    YouTube Video!

    Trickster Bundle

    The Trickster God, Loki, has kidnapped King Hercules! Journey into the lands of Norse Mythology, combat legendary monsters, and confront Loki in an epic final battle! This new SMITE Adventure is available in 4.21 through 4.24. For more information, check out our Adventure site or FAQ!

    • Limited Agent of Darkness Loki
    • Limited Thief Avatar
    • Limited Music Theme
    • Limited Thief Loading Skin
    • Gold Key
    • Plus, earn an extra Gold Key after purchasing all Adventure Bundles

    Unlock Limited Cursed King Cernunnos in the Adventure Vault with a Gold Key!

    Weekend Event - 3FWOTD = Enigma Chest Roll (12/1 - 12/3)

    This weekend, enjoy your reward of an Enigma chest roll for completing three First Wins of the Day!

    4.23 Patch Notes Show (11/29)

    Be sure to tune into our Patch Notes Show - this Wednesday at 4 pm ET.

    Skin Sales (11/27 - 11/30)

    • Dragon King Ao Kuang
    • Torment Bellona
    • Elite Agent Apollo

    Skin Sales (12/1 - 12/3)

    • Armored Scurrier Ratatoskr
    • Diamond Sword Ares
    • Ski Patrol Skadi

    Free God Rotation (11/28 - 12/4)

    • Kukulkan
    • Kuzenbo
    • Nike
    • Izanami
    • Kali

    MLC St3alth's Tip of the Week

    Be aware of your relics before a fight breaks out. Know when and why to use the relics you have. The worst thing you can do is die when you could have avoided that death with your relic usage.

    For instance, hover your finger over Purification Beads if there is an enemy Ne Zha who is looking to initiate with his ultimate.
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