Hey everyone, BigBullyMarine here,

our community of players is looking to bring in more players, across multiple games and with smite especially, we play multiple game modes and are on at different times, we are looking primarily for North American players.

if you are interested please feel free to shoot a message (I will list the names of folks below who you can get a hold of)

as for the almighty questions of what I have to do to join...... its super simple.

Be 18+
Have a Mic
Be a team player
and we are looking for folks that play other games we play as well(this is kind of a loose request because we don't want the only game we can play with you being smite)

and finally, a lot of folks ask us if the name change is a requirement? the answer is no, it is optional but not required.

if you would like more info please shoot a message to any of the following folks in game for a speedy response.


we look forward to hearing from you.