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Thread: Adventure: Is the Draugr too hard now?

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    Personally i think Draugr is overkill now. Even if you manage to kill him you still risk dying from whirlpool since its stays for full duration even if hes dead. This simple fix was the stupidiest change they made. Also this is not adventure. this is boring grind with only few relayable gods. over 90 gods you can use 5-6 of them, 3 in nightmare. There is no place for tactics, there is only one way to do it right and thats it. Last adventure was so much more fun then this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damienmc90 View Post
    I don't understand, you can't pick up where you left off so why would which gods you can beat the mode with change? In the end, whichever team you want to beat Loki with is the team you want for the entire adventure....
    Just the way the video showed it.
    It would show 3 gods to use grind to a certain point then when you achieved enough items, 3 different gods up to a certain point, etc.

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    The damage increase from the the whirlpool and the no safe spot together is bad design.

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    Yeah, consoles got the update now and I would've been fine with no safe spot. But this damage increase is insane.... Like seriously? The roars didn't do enough damage with people being able to avoid 3 of them so they decided to make sure the whirlpool makes up for it or something?

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    Having too much unavoidable damage in an MMO just feels bad because the only way to counter it is to have enough numbers to facetank it, rather than actually using some minimal skill to dodge shit.

    This adventure is potato.
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    Buffing Draugr is another stupid move to not let ppl get rewards and complete adventure.
    I stopped playing this when Nightmare mode came out.
    Ridiculous level of difficult wasnt the only problem.

    1) Frozen gate where you must be on full premade to even make this work.
    2) You cant farm rubies cause in 90% cases you drop freaking gold worth 200 after 20-30 minutes of playing. Im sorry but wasting that much time for an adventure is crazy.

    I was hyped from start of it but then I start being disappointed after beating Loki on Hard and getting freaking gold instead trophy(or whatever main reward is called).

    Somebody said that he get 3 Loki trophies from 28 runs! Firstable how much time ppl have to do this but more important its statically 11% chance to drop main reward after 30 MINUTES OF TRY HARD, BORING(after several runs) AND WITH USING THESE SAME COMPO GODS OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    Trial of Herc was like 3x times better, and its sad cause Trial doesnt even had multiple new mechanics.
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