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Thread: New and Unplayed gods issue

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    New and Unplayed gods issue

    This is a SUGGESTION.
    You REALLY need to make the NEW characters availability in the game harder, what i mean?
    In order to play a match with a new OR unplayed god you need to complete the 3 difficulties with bots Beginner >Normal >Advanced at least 2 times so in that time you will get a clue on how to play that God and you WONT ruin others game-time, cause honestly it's getting IRRITATING to the bone seeing any kind of moron getting a new God not knowing crap about that god and ending up with 2/11/5 shitting everyone else's game.
    It's one thing having a bad game-day and feed and another taking a god you dont know for a spin and totally RUIN the match
    It's also UNFAIR to the other gamers losing a game like that, because some clueless (IN EVERY AREA) dumass isn't respecting others game time and doesn't spend some time to learn the God he/she wants so that everyone is happy.


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    the big issue I can see here is that this will just piss off the community, more than help.

    players either paid their allotment of $30 to have all Gods (current and future) unlocked to be played, or they spent their time working to get the favor and occasional gems to buy all the Gods.

    why should they then have to spend extra time playing against bots (which don't really do much, since bots are dumb) just so they can then use the god as they see fit?

    while something needs to be done, this isn't it
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    Where exactly are people going to learn how to play a god then? Bots are not players: They are predictable, use the same build every time, and they are literally broken, as in they get stuck when walking. Playing against players is the only way to learn and know how to play that god proficiently. We all have to start somewhere with new gods when going against players.

    Truthfully told if you just now bought a god, yea you should go to bots, but it only takes a couple rounds of bots to know how a gods abilities work. Extra time on bots is just a waste of time because players can pull what bots can't.
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