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Thread: Adventure Stream?

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    Adventure Stream?

    Hey my friends. My name is Alexander, and my passion have always been games. About a week ago I started to stream the smite adventure Shadows Over Necropolis. I played Trials of King Hercules aswell and loved it, so hopefully there will be more dungeons open at the same time at some point. I really like the idea of dungeons in smite, and hope every "adventure" is a dungeon from now and that they keep the old ones, so I have more variable content to stream.

    I try to improove my stream and entertainment, so I would like to hear from the PvE community if you have any ideas of what you want from an adventure stream, or any kind of event I could make. Any tip is lovely.

    Anyways, if you like Shadows Over Necropolis or/and smite PvE in general, you can check out the content I produced so far if you want to, and any follow or like is very much appriciated if you want me to continue to stream and make guides for Dungeons.



    SOH Comp tips, builds and tierlist for hard mode:

    And I should probly get twitter, im on it!

    Thanks for reading my intro, I realy appriciate feedback to this post and I hope to see you in smite PvE! <3
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