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Thread: Don't Let Fafnir Pay to be the Best/Protect Net Neutrality

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKeksalot View Post
    Yeah, but he was talking about who technically "discovered" electricity. Faraday came after Gilbert.
    fair enough.
    You may think all gods have huge amounts of courage, but only xbalanque has the balls to use them as weapons.

    0.3 instead of 30% again.
    dont skip school kids.
    How to make arguments on forum:if you cant win an argument, call the other side trolls. Always works

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derajalen View Post
    I don't think any of these people understand American politics.

    The left do everything reverse of what they will tell you. The internet was fine before net whatever it's called.
    But as for why the hell 3rd worlders care so much, I guess they were getting free internet or something. Well to bad your ass don't live here so you don't get a vote, now piss off.
    I live here and I can vote. I will vote against anything and everything the left have put into place until it is all wiped away for the rest of my life.
    If you don't like that, too bad, deal with it. look at the fine mess you've done to your own places, letting ISIS come in and murder and rape everyone you know.
    GOOD JOB!, Well not in my backyard, buddy. Get a damn job and fix your shit holes and quit bitching, the internet was made here and it will stay here. Get off your ass and make something. How about those lights? American, Cars? American. Make your own internet and STFU. Commie pukes.
    Whoa the fake news in this post! The internet was created in america lolol. Someone get this man some facts so maybe he will stop feeding the propaganda machine.

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    I doubt that there would really be a lot of people who would agree about how #BigGovSucks not only with this net neutrality thing but in general.

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