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Thread: Belgium says loot boxes are deemed as gambling

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    I don't know how Belgian lawmakers deals with videogames, but I suppose they aren't on the same boat as German "it's all for kids, make them robots or Hitler will be back" idiocy.

    But this interpretation can mean something for countries like USA in that ERSB can be pressured and yield to consider that chest gambling makes games adults-only. Real currency gambling is already cited in their criteria for a game being A-category (see here).

    I would be glad to see less teens and teen-oriented content in Smite, but I'm pretty sure it'd be terrible for business being re-classed from T to A.
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    Yeah I get it- Smite is free and I have spent more money on Smite than any game- Ever.

    There are several skins I really want but I'm not buying the whole chest just to get the one.

    Wish I could just buy the skins straight up.

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