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Thread: Stone of Fal can't stand up to Poseidon ult?

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    Stone of Fal can't stand up to Poseidon ult?

    Was just in a game of Assault vs a Poseidon who was kicking my team's bum, so figured what the heck, would try getting Stone of Fal, as that should be the perfect counter-play to his ult, (since I can't really move much out of the way in Assault - best I can hope for is to be in the outer ring, really) but almost every time I'd get hit by his ult, I'd see the timer go off and then I'd die during the same ult. What the heck?

    I know officially if you're in the inner ring when he ults you there are two hits, but come on, if there was ever a time when the Stone of Fal should shield you from insta-death, it's a Poseidon ult.

    Maybe there needs to be a short timer, (i.e. 0.5 - 1.0 secs) before the shield is presumed destroyed to deal with these kind of really-one-hit-but-gamewise-two-hits things? I mean, it seems to be a fairly niche-use item already, (especially on a mage) and if it won't work vs a Poseidon ult, is it really intended that it's really of use only vs Janus, Ra, Scylla and Thoth ults, and maybe Nox's 2?*

    TLDR - If I have Stone of Fal when hit by a Poseidon ult, I should still be standing when it ends.


    At least with Poseidon's older scaling, presuming it would have knocked the center blast down to 30%, leaving only the much lesser damage of the outer for the second hit, so you'd get hit for maybe 65% of total health, but still live vs. the 100%+ and die the way it is now, (note: was playing Raijin, with the only mag def being the Stone of Fal itself).


    * Don't even think it'd work vs an Odin bird bomb as there'd be one hit for the jump itself and a second for the explosion of the birds.


    Note: also presuming that movement isn't an issue in a Poseidon ult - i.e. if you're in the center and then move to the outside while the ult is going, you don't get hit for the center/outer combo in the middle + the outer when crossing the line - if that's the issue, then the issue is with the nature of Poseidon's ult, which shouldn't be doing that at all, (i.e. it should get one Krack at you - see what I did there ;P - and that's it - shouldn't be hitting you for moving around inside the ult, as I think just about everyone in the range of the ult will be trying their hardest to run out of its range as fast as they possibly can).
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