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Thread: How and why can this happen ? Matchmaker is totally fail.

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    Matchmaking is at its worst at the moment i never had such a problem with it but last night i played a duel match...only a 3 minute queue.i only just turned gold rank last week and it matched me against a top 10 gm player in smite...i mean fuck this shit right?

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    assault probably goes for faster match rather than balanced game. its assault. When you signed up for random you willfully admitted your skill didn't matter, you were willing to leave it up to chance... which is what assault is - luck.

    when the coin doesn't flip in your favor... suck it up. You wanted it that way, you signed up for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDleMaso View Post
    Soooo what you are basically telling me it's that i was right, it's totally fail ?

    1- if the game is translated to different languages it should be taken in consideration, i'm french, still my game is in english because the items name and actions require to be able to speak with your mates. It's a social online game, not solo.

    2 - Assault is simply teamplay with constant fight, you don't need 2K match to learn the mechanics, once you did 30 matches (even less i'd say) you are already totally aware of how it works... And as you have random gods you can't carry everytime and even less anyone. The MMR ignore such a skilled player as cupid because he isn't playing assault too much ? fail. In fact cupid havent carried his team, their guan and bellona did, if we can call that like this, as my team haven't even tried to hit any other gods than these two.
    I am canceling the queue and re-queue every 60 seconds now, but this shit keeps happening to me.

    Since the new matchmaker algo my assaults matches ares getting worst and worst, like if i've been thrown into a blackhole of lobotomized 12years olds egocentric ragers players, being passive waiting a last hit to get a kill, or constantly pushing under enemy tower killing minions so far that most of team doesn't get exp, swearing only by KDA "hey you suck i'll report you for feeding, because you have 1/8 and i have 10/3", forgeting that i am top damage with 40k damage and he is 6k), or being reported because you suggest to your only tank that taking breasplate of valor against 5 magical isn't the best choice, or that he could do something instead of just waiting under tower until i die defending it with a squishy mage, to finally jump in when enemies have 15% hp left.

    This whole system favors and promote the bad behaviors and wrong way to play, the olds calm players teamplaying, like me, are leaving more and more, and the toxic ragers teens are welcome, but they will never stay for long as they can't bear to be with people acting like them.
    I found a necro.
    What do I put here now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyralis View Post
    I found a necro.

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