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Thread: PS4- How about a confirm code for accidental auto skill deactivation

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    PS4- How about a confirm code for accidental auto skill deactivation

    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue on PS4 but, sometimes in game when the battle is fierce I accidentally toggle off my auto skills. I guess I bash the wrong keys on the controller when taken by surprise in battle. I can't begin to say how annoying this is. It would be awesome if you could come up with a way to confirm that you want to switch them off. Or maybe a code that will lock your auto skills for the whole match that you can enter in the fountain before you start. Even better - make the god have to be in the fountain to toggle auto skills off!!
    Just a suggestion. Still Loving Smite! Just got my first Pentakill today!

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    you can only toggle this stuff off and on while in a match lobby, waiting for a match to start. ( I think)

    as for locking them and having to pop in a
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